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Amazon Home Gadgets Know Too Much About You and Record That Information

A woman found an Amazon folder with thousands of audio recordings from her home gadgets, reports New York Post.

Photo: Shutterstock

The woman was shocked to learn how much data Amazon had collected about her.

She posted a viral video on TikTok explaining how she requested the data but didn't expect to get that much.

TikToker explained, “I requested all the data that Amazon has and this is what I found.”

She revealed that she has three Amazon smart speakers.

Two are Amazon Dot speakers and one is an Echo device.

There are also smart bulbs in her house.

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She said, "When I downloaded the ZIP file, there were a lot of entries."

TikToker then clicked on the audio file and showed thousands of short voice recordings, which it said Amazon had collected from its smart speakers.

She described them as “so scary” and played one on camera about the lights on.

It is said that there are 3534 short audio recordings in this file alone.

She was also sent the "Contacts" file.

TikToker stated: “It turns out they have a complete list of my contacts from my phone and I don't remember ever syncing them. The last thing I didn’t know was that they also have my whereabouts. ”

She showed off another file that appeared to show the exact location of her Alexa smart speakers.

The social media star often makes videos about data privacy and technology.

She said, "I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that they have so much information about me."

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The video has been watched millions of times.

One shocked viewer wrote: “It's scary that people with Echo Dots, Alexa, etc. don't know that Amazon is recording you and keeping the records.”

And another joked, “Can someone explain to me why this is 'scary'? I'm not interesting enough to care if they have my contacts or audio tapes. ”

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An Amazon spokesman said, “We're giving customers transparency and complete control over their Alexa experience. Customers can easily view and delete their voice recordings or not save them at all at any time. ”

“Customers can import their mobile phone contacts into the Alexa app to enjoy features such as hands-free calling and messaging; this additional feature, which needs to be configured by customers, can be disabled at any time, ”he continued.

“Finally, you can give the Alexa app permissions to use certain data, such as the geolocation of your mobile device, to provide relevant results (such as weather, traffic, restaurant recommendations), and you can manage those permissions in the app,” an Amazon spokesman said. ...

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