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The most common mistakes made by participants in the green card lottery

At the beginning of October each year, a green card lottery starts in the United States. Registration for participation in DV-2023 this year started on October 6... Results will be announced in May 2022 of the year.

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The Immigration Department annually accepts over 50 applications for participation in the lottery. Edition Teller report I collected some tips not to lose your chance to win the lottery if you want to migrate to the USA.

An application for a random immigration program is free, so the applicant does not need an intermediary to participate in the program.

Your academic specialization has nothing to do with your choice. You must have only a certificate of secondary education (secondary education), as well as confirmation that you are over 21 years old at the time of registration.

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You cannot save and fill in the data later, since the application form is intended to fill in the data and is submitted within one hour, and therefore it is recommended to review all the necessary data and prepare in advance, especially regarding the technical characteristics of the photo.

It is important not to miss your chance because of an annoying little thing - errors in the profile or the wrong photo. Photos when checking profiles are given HUGE Attention. How exactly the photos are checked and why you need to clearly follow the instructions, read in ForumDaily.

On the filing an application participation in the lottery is not affected by the applicant’s entry into the United States on previous visas, or staying there while applying, or applying for a visa later.

IMPORTANT. In 2019, the USA introduced a new rule for submitting documents for participation in the green card lottery. Each applicant must indicate the number, series and validity of their passport. Such an innovation perplexed many residents of the countries of the former USSR, since the cost of a document is often not affordable for the middle class. Read more at this link.

For those who submitted documents earlier than others, there is no advantage; all applications submitted for the indicated period will participate in the drawing in equal proportions.

Having received your number confirming the acceptance of the form, you will not be able to try again or file an application in the same year. If more than one application with the same name is submitted, the request is automatically deleted.

The application form includes the data of the husband or wife and children under the age of 21, and the wife has the right to file another application with the same data in order to increase the chances of winning.

Not everyone who wins the lottery receives a visa, first you need to successfully pass an interview.

Necessary documents to be collected before the interview: the full list is listed here. All documents that are not in English should be accompanied by a certified translation. No notarization or apostille is required.

The Immigration Department does not correspond with lottery winners.

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Basic Errors

One of the main reasons preventing those wishing to win this lottery is the inaccuracy in providing the necessary information, especially images, since the photo should be recent, as well as without any changes in graphic editors.

Many applications are rejected because the information does not correspond to reality, there is no need to lie in the application, since the information provided by you both in the application and at the interview will be checked.

Changing or losing your passport can deprive you of an immigrant visa if you win, but cannot prove the reason for the change in data, so keeping a copy of your passport can always save you in this situation.

Failure to keep a form confirmation number can prevent you from emigrating if you win, especially since US embassies and consulates and the Consulate Center in Central Kentucky do not issue these numbers.

On the subject: Green Card Lottery: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

An incorrectly written marital status can deprive you of a green card, for example, filing an application for immigration in a couple on the basis that they will marry before the announcement of the result of the lottery.

It is necessary to provide data and provide photographs of children, even if they were from a previous marriage, and do not plan to immigrate with you.

One of the most notable mistakes is registration by country of residence rather than birth. Make sure that you indicate your country of birth in the application.

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