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For whom immigration to the United States can be a fatal mistake

They say the USA is a dream country. And it's true: each of us at least once in our life thought about how to immigrate to the United States and finally live happily. Dreaming of living there, we imagine a high salary, decent living conditions, beautiful shining skyscrapers and many other symbols of a developed state, but ... Are you ready to open your eyes to the everyday realities of Americans, and not just to the Statue of Liberty?

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If so, read portal analysis Home-Hotel about why it is impossible to dream of immigration to the United States without ever having visited America, and why immigration without a preliminary analysis of everyday trifles can become a really fatal mistake.

The options for moving to the States are not exactly a million, but enough. Someone wins a green card, others are lucky to leave thanks to a demanded specialty and good job, business emigration is no less popular. According to the portal's observations, most of the potential emigrants have one thing in common - they know everything about the United States, but from beautiful pictures, general theses and distant prospects.

According to statistics, more than 80% of those who immigrated to the United States at one time or another feel disappointment and strong doubts about their actions. And this is largely due to everyday stimuli, for which a person was not ready.

Why it happens? The fact is that the majority of potential emigrants simply did not see the country from the inside before moving and its some really significant differences with their home country, as well as pitfalls that should have been known in advance.

Moreover, sometimes the disappointment is so great that every fifth emigrant returns from the United States to his home country, and every fourth emigrant, although he remains there, feels himself a prisoner in a foreign land all the subsequent time and, as a result, complete dissatisfaction with his life, and often much more than at home.

In fact, such a fatal mistake can be avoided. Before you put all your things in your suitcases and sell your property, you should go there with exploration, and it is very important - not as a tourist.

Experts on emigration have compiled the top 10 disappointments with everyday life in the United States, which unpleasantly surprise people when moving to the country without preparation.


Of course, you've probably heard that in America, along with good income and decent work, there are high and sometimes incomprehensible taxes. But there is another unpleasant surprise. The fact is that almost all prices that you see in stores, supermarkets or elsewhere are listed without taxes.

Here it is worth recalling one more detail - taxes in each state are different. That is, when paying for goods at the checkout, you will not pay $ 100 for it, as indicated on the price tag, but, depending on the state where you are staying, $ 110 or $ 118.

Moreover, you must remember the tax percentage yourself. It should be borne in mind that sometimes the rates are combined, and you pay immediately the taxes of the county, state or state together.

In addition to government fees in various public places such as restaurants, hotels, and other places, you will also be charged a certain percentage for service, tourist tax, water, air or whatever.

Power and Products

We've all heard jokes about fat Americans and the popularity of fast foods with them. But, having arrived here, you begin to understand: in every joke there is only a fraction of a joke, and the rest is true.

And it's not so much about fast foods as about the culture of consumption, or rather, its absence. Let's say the portions here are incredibly huge - be it a restaurant, a diner, or even a gas station. Wherever you go and whatever you order, even an elementary salad - they bring you a huge bucket of food, generously watered with butter or high-calorie mayonnaise.

Of course, no one will force you to eat everything, but it's so difficult to stop when you are hungry!

In the store, however, it is much cheaper, easier and more tempting to buy some kind of frank chemistry or semi-finished products in bright packaging. And when you start to miss ordinary potatoes, the scales treacherously suggest that extra pounds have appeared. But to give up semi-finished products is already too lazy. Maybe you shouldn't have started?

Общественный транспорт

For those who are complaining about our wrecks and tarantulas, it will be unexpected news that in the USA the quality of travel on public transport is often quite similar to ours.

Buses are just as cumbersome and rather dirty, the same goes for trains and electric trains. A trip to local transport may seem like a pleasant journey to very few people. You need to be prepared for this, so that disappointment does not come.

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Payment cards

Considering that it is 2021, you will be very surprised when in super-developed America you cannot pay with your card at some gas station or even in a hotel.

True, the inconvenience is temporary - until you have a local card, but still. Therefore, we recommend that you always have at least some cash with you, since it is not known exactly where such a situation will take you by surprise.


Although in our cafe or restaurant, in addition to the main account, it is established to leave a tip to the waiter, in the States there is a special situation with this case. Even using the services of a taxi driver, it is a matter of honor to pay him 20-30% of the tip over the cost of the trip.

Also in restaurants and cafes - not leaving bonuses for tea is considered offensive. And this applies not only to catering establishments or taxi services - this rule applies by default in almost all areas of services.


Is it sacrilege to dilute espresso with boiling water? Then just accept the fact that the coffee is waiting for you like this, and do not complain. It's just a part of everyday life and culture. Just don't order an Americano. Take lungo - this is an espresso that is prepared immediately using more water than usual.

And don't be surprised when you ask for a latte and they bring you an iced drink. But before you scold America for cold coffee, imagine any foreigner who received a portion of jellied meat in our homeland.

Cold and domination of air conditioners

Wherever you are - in transport, taxi or in a hotel room - in summer or winter, autumn or spring, you will surely be overtaken by a feeling of cold.

If you are going to fly by American airlines, be sure to stock up on a blanket or down jacket - it is also unusually cold there. In the United States, air conditioners are widely used and are actively operating. And often at full capacity, so it will sometimes be difficult for an unprepared person to withstand this cold. This is especially felt in hotels or taxis, where you often have to ask an uncomprehending American to pacify the air conditioner.

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Shower cabins

A shower with a hose is practically absent everywhere, and in any hotel or apartment it is most often built right into the wall. And who cares if you don't want to get your hair wet or are just going to wash your feet - wear a head cap or do as you please.

Of course, this does not apply to all houses and apartments in the United States, but in 80% of cases it is still true. There is only hope for those other 20%, where you can still find the usual shower with a hose.

But on the other hand, understand: you are no longer at home. This is a different country and other habits that have become established here and are familiar and understandable for all local residents.


If you still cannot come to terms with the fact that life in the USA is completely different, and it seems to you that the shower is the only inconvenience, then there is also ... light. A lot of light, scattered throughout the room.

In European hotels and houses, one switch is often installed, but in America this is rarely found - most often you have to walk around and turn off each lamp separately before going to bed.

Measurement values

It is customary all over the world to use a single system of measures, but there are 3 countries that still use a different measurement system. These are Liberia, Myanmar and the United States.

And if the first two countries can still be understood - not everyone will show them on a map, then why does such a giant as the United States still measure everything in miles, feet, inches, Fahrenheit degrees? For many, this is a mystery.

Although the reason is actually simple: to transfer the country to a common measuring system, a lot of money will be needed, since it will be necessary to unify all technical and other documentation in the state.

For example, it will take over $ 370 million to translate NASA technical documents, which is more than half the cost of launching space shuttles.

This small anti-rating is only part of what one can feel when staying in the United States not as a tourist, but as a potential immigrant. In any case, in order to find out for sure whether it is worth immigrating to the United States or any other country, you need to see everything with your own eyes, and it is important that there are experts nearby who will help you discover them for many circumstances.

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