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Disney World offers discounts on tickets: how to get them

Walt Disney World gives visitors the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets, but there is one condition - they need to come to the park in the afternoon.

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15 August Disney World introduced its new Mid-Day Magic tickets, designed for guests who do not mind waiting until 12: 00 to visit any of the resort’s four main theme parks. Fox News.

Mid-Day Magic tickets are valid when entering the park after 12: 00 and are significantly cheaper than full-day tickets. However, according to Walt Disney World, discounts will not be valid at all times: Mid-Day Magic tickets will only be available until December 15 of 2019.

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One-day Mid-Day Magic will not be sold either. The park distributes such tickets in two-day, three-day or four-day packages at the price of 176 dollars (88 dollars per day), 252 dollars (84 dollars per day) or 316 dollars (79 dollars per day), respectively.

As noted by Disney World, the two-day Mid-Day Magic package is $ 28 a day cheaper than the standard admission ticket to the park, while the three-day and four-day packages are $ 28 and $ 29 a day, respectively.

Guests will not need to use tickets in these packages for consecutive days, but they are still limited to a specific time period. Specifically, two-day Mid-Day Magic tickets must be used within four days; three days - within five days; and four days during the week.

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Disney World's new ticket pricing announcement came a few weeks before the resort opened Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on 29 on August.

Visit official Disney website for more information on Mid-Day Magic tickets.

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