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Nine old things people throw away: they cost a lot of money

If you want to get a lot of money, look in the attic or on the mezzanine, where unnecessary trash is stored. Things that are gathering dust can be sold at an online auction for a tidy sum. You may already be a millionaire, but you don’t know about it yet. Edition made a list of old and not very things that collectors are willing to pay for right now.

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1. Empty boxes

People from all over the world are ready to give considerable amounts for ordinary things. EBay seller appreciated an empty box from an American Girl doll in $35,7. Question: who needs this?

Such a thing is likely to be bought by a collector. And then he will resell it already with the doll inside or put it on the shelf and will be happy about a successful purchase. Under this scheme, you can even sell boxes from electronics and household appliances. At an online auction, empty iPhone packages go at a price from $8 depending on the model.

2. Paper artifacts

Vintage printed materials can cost a lot of money. Film fans are willing to pay well for old posters, programs, and just Tickets.

And the original posters during the Great Patriotic War, collectors estimate at thousands of dollars. Of course, this does not apply to things that were printed in large print runs.

3. Discontinued Products and Rare Flavors

On the Internet you can make money by selling products that are larger do not produce. Just do not confuse with expired products. Buyers are willing to pay any money for their favorite things: hair dye, toys, cosmetics. If you have something rare (albeit not old), sell it. And people are willing to buy food with rare tastes. Here limited edition chips for $ 10.

4. Toilet paper bushings and chocolate egg capsules

Do not rush to throw toilet paper sleeves and chocolate egg capsules. After all, there are people in the world who will pay you for these items. An eBay online auction package with a hundred bushings is $12, and on a large site 50 capsules from kinder surprises you can sell behind $ 3,3. And it’s not some city crazy people who buy them, but craftsmen.

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5. Perfumes and cosmetics

Lovers of antiquity adore cosmetics and perfumes from the past. Perfume comes from the 70s are 10 times expensivethan their new counterparts. The most popular aromas from the USSR - Latvian Dzintars and Red Moscow. But rare specimens come across - here Carlson Eau de Toilette and Ural Dawns Perfume for $ 34,5.

And connoisseurs of European classics buy vintage Chanel. If you inherited only empty bottles, do not despair. Old bottles sometimes are more expensive products of modern perfumers.

6. A whole box of trash

Jokes aside. Buyers at Online Auction Are looking for products marked junk drawer (English "junk box"). In order to buy, of course. What did you think? What is rubbish for one person can be a treasure for another. Valuable items are found in boxes with trash: old tools, charms and coins. This a box with plastic jewelry recently sold for $ 18,5.

7. Electronics

The era of cassette players, VHS-cassettes and boomboxes has already passed, but interest in these subjects has remained. Remember Japanese tape recorders? Now such a device can sell behind $ 265. People buy them for collections or repairs.

Film companies in the 80s released some films only on video tapes. And today, collectors are taking apart old VHS like hot cakes. Even if the films recorded on them are a real trash. Blow dust off your collection, maybe you have a genuine diamond, but you didn't know.

8. Sneakers and sneakers

Vintage shoes are a klondike for those who decide to make money selling old things. Sneakers of the Soviet factory "Red Triangle" or "Two balls" start from $ 10.

And the legendary Converse Chuck Taylor at a price overtake new designer shoes: here 70s model for $ 1.

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9. Toys

Collectors will pay a lot of money for toys from your childhood. And these are not rare porcelain dolls of the late XIX century, but bald baby dolls and rubber ducklings from the 70–80s. People tormented by nostalgia ready lay out $ 120to hear the tumbler ringing.

Only with toys, not everything is obvious. A beautiful and bright doll can cost several dollars. But dispensers from PEZ candies at auctions are torn off with their hands. For example, a rare instance of 1982 sold for $ 32 thousand

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