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Nine services where you can download e-books for free

If you love to read but are trying to reduce the clutter in your home, e-books can be the perfect solution. And on some websites you can find more than 1 million free books, according to Money Talks.

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Here are 9 websites that collectively offer over 1 million free e-books covering just about every book genre and every age of readers.

1. Your local library website

Many public libraries allow their members to borrow e-books.
Check the website of your local library system to see if they offer this option.

2 Amazon

You will find free e-books for Kindle, Amazon's line of e-books, on the web page "Cheap reads for kindle» e-commerce giant.

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Note, however, that Amazon says free books sometimes vary in quality or don't support all Kindle reading features. The company recommends that you first read the reviews and ratings of the free books you plan to download.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you have access to even more free content through Prime reading. You can also choose one free Kindle e-book each month with the perk First Reads.

3 Barnes & Noble

You will find free e-books for Nook, line Barnes & Noble eBooks, on the web page "Free eBooks" seller.

To explore the offerings, click on any of the many genres listed in the Themes section on the left side of the page.

4. Kobo

Free Kobo eBooks can be found on the page "Free electronic books" Kobo website.

5. Google Play

The Google Play Store has a collection Top Free, which offers a selection of free books in its category of books.

6 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg positions itself as the first supplier of free e-books and offers over 60 free titles.

His website explains:

“Here you will find great world literature with a focus on older works whose copyright has expired in the US. Thousands of volunteers have digitized and diligently proofread e-books for fun and learning."

To get started on the Project Gutenberg website, try:

7.Many Books

ManyBooks offers discounts and free e-books with over 50 free titles. There is some overlap with Project Gutenberg suggestions, although the ManyBooks website is arguably more user-friendly.

On the main page, you can use the search bar or browse by genre or auto RU, among other options.

8. University of Chicago Press

«Free ebook!» page on the University of Chicago Press website offers one free book each month.

9. IntechOpen

Intech Open considers itself the world's leading publisher of open access books. The main focus is on scientific publications.

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