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9 ways to send money from the US to their homeland

From Western Union to little-known startup applications. ForumDaily gathered reliable options for how to send money from America to their homeland and figured out the pros and cons of each option.

1. Send a bank card photo

One of the easiest ways is to open an account in an American bank and send the card overseas. Photo

One of the easiest and least expensive ways is to open an account in an American bank and send the card overseas to the person to whom you plan to make transfers. In which US financial institution the most favorable conditions for opening an account can be compared by examining banking sites.

The main thing is to inform the bank in advance that you will be using the card abroad. The disadvantage of this method is that if the card is lost or the ATM “eats” it, you will have to send it again, and while the letter is on the way, the money will not be available.

However, Olena Kolibabchuk from San Francisco is not embarrassed by such difficulties. Her mother lives in Kiev, her younger sister studies in Milan. Olena is the main helper in the family. It was much more convenient for her to make two bank cards, send them to Ukraine and Italy, than to make transfers to her mother and sister every time. “Every month I put in $ 500: half for my mother, half for my sister. They know how many times to withdraw money, and my mother, like many people of her generation, also manages to save, and the money for reliability is not in the nightstand, but in the dollar account, ”Olena shares her experience.

Expenditure part: The sender does not bear additional costs. For the fact that money is withdrawn abroad, the recipient pays. When opening a card in a bank, you need to clarify how much you will have to pay for the fact that money will be withdrawn from an account at an ATM abroad. It can be 3% or 10% of the amount - each bank sets its own prices for services.

2. Top up your mobile account and pay for a utility bill

Company founded by an immigrant in America UPAY.NET allows residents of the United States to pay for utilities, Internet and television, as well as replenish mobile accounts in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In addition, through UPaynet from America, you can replenish mobile accounts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Interface and technical support UPAY.NET work around the clock in 4 languages ​​- English, Russian, Uzbek and Tajik.

Expenditure part: The recipient pays nothing. If through UPAY.NET deposit from the USA to the account of another client located in America, then there is no commission at all. Replenishment of accounts in other countries provides for 5-7% commission. If you enter promo code "forum", then the payment will be without commission (provided that you are using the service for the first time).

3. Transfer money from account to account

If the person you want to send money to has a bank account, you can simply transfer from account to account. If you plan to make such transfers often, do not be lazy to find out if there is a branch of an American bank in the country to which you are sending money. Then the operation will be less costly - there is no need to pay a commission for transferring money from bank to bank.

Expenditure part: The recipient does not pay anything. The bank transfer fee from a US bank is $ 35 and higher. If you want pervesty $ 50-100, using this option is not rational.

4. Send via PayPal

For older parents, this transfer option can be difficult, but if the person you send money to is friends with modern technology, get money through PayPal he can easily. Using this service, you can send money to many parts of the world, but the most popular destinations for Russian-speaking users, alas, may not be available. The method is good for Europe, Israel, but, for example, in Russia the system works in a very truncated version. You can pay for services, but you cannot receive money from the USA. Difficulties arise both in Ukraine and in Belarus: withdrawing money to a bank card is a whole science, which is taught by word of mouth on the Internet.

Roman Volt, a student from California, tried to transfer PayPal money to his sister in Moscow and faced difficulties: “I started making a transfer, it was in pending status for a very long time, and it had to be canceled in the end. Then I found out that, despite the fact that Russians buy goods through PayPal on the same Ebay, they cannot receive money from the USA in this way. "

Expenditure part: The recipient does not pay anything. The sender will be charged additional fees for international payments from 0,4% to 1,5% depending on the country of destination.

5. Download Revolut

In the AppStore and PlayMarket, you can find a program called Revolut. By registering, you geteraser card MasterCardissued by an English bank. The card is designed for three currency accounts - in dollars, euros and pounds.

After installation and registration, a virtual card with CVV and PIN-code is “issued”, which is immediately ready for use. If you don't want to be content with a virtual one, order a real card at home. When ordering, you can see the date of receipt. The card takes 15-20 days to Russia and Ukraine, 10-12 days to the USA.

If you do not want to go through the identity verification procedure (scanning your passport and your photo), then the annual limit on the amount is 700 pounds. If you pass verification, the limit rises to £ 30.

You can top up your card from a debit card or bank account, and manage money from a mobile application. That is, you can transfer money from your American account to a Revolut card and, using the application, send money to any other account - either to the same Revolut user, or to another account of any bank.

Bogdan Tarasov from Florida has been helping former neighbors who live in Moldova for several years: “We have been friends since childhood, they have a very difficult financial situation, and such help is not a burden for me. Only now it was always a shame that some amount had to be spent not to help friends, but to spend on a bank transfer. I found out about Revolut a year ago and ordered the cards. They were sent directly to the house in envelopes. At first I sent small amounts, now I'm not afraid to transfer $ 300. But, despite the fact that the startup has already established itself and has worked for more than a year without complaints, I would not recommend keep a lot of money there, but only use the card for transfers. "

The disadvantages of the system, according to Bogdan, are that you cannot find out the balance at an ATM, and an account statement can be obtained only by making a request by e-mail to the support service.

Photos from personal archive

Bogdan Tarasov entrusted money transfers to a startup and did not regret it. Photos from the personal archive

Expenditure part: Neither the recipient nor the sender pays anything. That is why Revolut is called the “card revolution” - the company does not charge a fee for conversion operations and makes it possible to withdraw cash from ATMs for free. If you are interested in the question, what is the catch here and how Revolut lives, the answer is simple: they live off the interest they receive from MasterCard from each transaction.

6. Send via TransferWise

Another startup, founded by two Estonians Taavet Hinricus and Kristo Kaarmann in 2011, TransferWise saves money on transferring money abroad. On the official Online said that transfers from the United States usually arrive within one business day. For a long time, the Ukrainian hryvnia was not connected to the service, but for a year now, TransferWise operates in both Ukraine and Russia. To receive a transfer, you need to enter the details of your own bank card, and within a working day (and in practice - within half an hour) the amount will be credited.

Expenditure part: The recipient pays nothing. Your expenses - TransferWise fee - 3% of the amount. The bank does not need to pay a fee when crediting a card from TransferWise.

7. Transfer via Western Union

This is one of the most reliable and simple options. If your friends or relatives do not have the opportunity to open bank accounts, then choose the simplest option such as Western Union. But it is worth considering that simplicity is worth the money. The cost of transfer depends not only on the amount you want to send, but also on speed.

You can send money not only from the company's office, but also without getting up from the couch. On Online You can make a translation online.

If the person to whom you want to send money does not live in the United States (and most importantly, uses a phone number that is not registered in the United States), you can make a transfer via Viber. To transfer money, you need to have a Western Union profile, or set it up while transferring money. The subscriber to whom you sent money will receive a message about the transaction. All technical details are described on Online technical support for viber.

You can get acquainted with all rates at the official Online. It will be useful to explore the nuances. For example, it is important to correctly write the name of the recipient so that it is completely identical to the name indicated in the documents that he will present at the local branch of Western Union. The company has developed an index of correspondences of Latin and Cyrillic.

Expenditure part: The recipient of the money pays nothing. If you send, for example, $ 500 to Russia, you will have to pay a commission of $ 50 if you want the money to be delivered within a minute, and $ 25 for a transfer within 3-4 working days. And if you send $ 200, then the price of an instant transfer is $ 18, and a 3-4-day transfer is $ 12. It costs $ 15 to send the same amount to Ukraine in case of an urgent transfer and $ 10 if the money can be received in 3-4 days. A handy calculator will show at once all your expenses and the amount that a person will receive as a result of the conversion.

8. Send via MoneyGram

MoneyGram works on the same system as Western Union, but has more sparing rates. True, and service points at MoneyGram smaller than that of a competitor, but in case you want to make a transfer online, it does not matter. The principle is the same: you need to know the recipient's name, the recipient needs the sender's name. Sending money through MoneyGram, you get a check with a money transfer control number. The number must be reported to the person to whom the money is intended. Presenting an identity card and calling the number indicated on the check, the person receives a transfer from you.

How long will the money go to a particular country can be found at Online companies. For example, in France, money can be received the next day, in Kenya - in a minute. In the more relevant for us Russia and Ukraine - 10 minutes after sending.

Expenditure part: The recipient of the money pays nothing. If you send $ 500, you will have to pay a commission of $ 32. And if you send $ 200, then - $ 20. You can find out the amount of the surcharge using calculator.

Consider the expenditure part and decide on the method of transferring money depending on the amount. Compare: the bank will charge you an average of $ 45 for transferring any amount to any account abroad during the working day, you can send $ 35 abroad to MoneyGram for $ 3000 and in the same urgent order WesternUnion - only $ 500.

9. Make a transfer through RIA

Ria is not as popular as Western Union or MoneyGram, but quite trustworthy. First, because the company is not a beginner. On the market she since 1987. Secondly, the company is large - the third largest money transfer operator in the world. The list includes 149 countries with which this operator works. To make a transfer, you must go to a bank branch that handles Ria money transfers. You can find out where the nearest one is located in the special section on the company website. You can also make an online translation at the official Online.

Expenditure part: Depending on whether you send money from a credit or debit card, the expense part will also change. For example, if you want to send $ 500 to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Israel, then it will cost you $ 20 from a credit card, $ 8 from a debit card and $ 5 from a bank account. And if you decide to send $ 200, then pay $ 12 from a credit card, $ 8 from a debit card and $ 5 from a bank account.

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