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Ten products that are profitable to buy at Costco

Saving has always been the main pursuit of all people. Why buy more when you can get the same quality for a lower price. Edition Reader's Digest has compiled a list of 10 products that you can buy profitably at Costco.

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Health experts never stop marveling at the health benefits of nuts, but they are very expensive, and Costco agrees. The store almost completely stopped selling products from other brands when it could not justify their overpricing. You can buy a huge three-pound (1,3 kg) pack of Kirkland Signature almonds for as little as $ 13, which is not much more than you would normally pay for a Blue Diamond pack, which is almost half its size.


When Consumer Reports tested various brands of bacon a few years ago, Kirkland Signature scored above the rest for its crispy texture and smoky sweet taste, which is even more impressive given its low price tag. Free up space in your freezer because this wholesale purchase is no joke: four pounds (1,8 kg) for $ 13,69.


Alcohol at Costco has always received rave reviews. Vodka, in particular, has become a cult following, rumor has it that it uses the same water source as Gray Goose. The luxury vodka brand denies these claims, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - the cheap Kirkland version actually outshines Gray Goose in taste tests. You will pay only $ 25 for 1,75 liters of quality alcohol.

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Klenovыy syrup

In Consumer Reports' test, Kirkland Pure Maple Syrup was the cheapest option ($ 0,75 per serving) and still received excellent reviews. Testers rated it as “very good,” while the most expensive choice in this category, Camp Pure Maple Syrup, which costs almost three times as much, received only “good”.


No matter how delicious they are, it can be difficult to justify the price of pistachios unless you work for Costco. At first glance, the $ 15 package seems like an expensive proposition, but you change your mind when you see the three-pound package. By comparison, a two-pound box (0,9kg) of Wonderful pistachios costs $ 13 at Amazon.

Food film

Kirkland cling film gets high marks for its durability, so the low price is just the icing on the cake. By paying less than $ 10 for two 750 square feet (69 square meters) rolls, you no longer have to stock up on plastic wrap for a long time.


With more protein and fiber than white rice, it's no surprise that quinoa has gone from being a food fad to a staple food. Unfortunately, this did not convince most companies to cut prices. At Target, you get three pounds (1,3 kg) for $ 12, but Costco offers 4,5 pounds (2 kg) for $ 9. It's still not as cheap as rice, but it's definitely a healthier option.

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Extra virgin olive oil

A 2010 report found that most of the olive oil on US store shelves was not virgin olive oil, as their labels claimed. One notable exception: the organic version of Kirkland. Thus, you not only pay less per serving than in the supermarket, but also get a good quality product.


If you think that anything covered in cheese tastes better, Costco is the way to go. From goat cheese and brie to parmesan and pecorino romano. The oversized pieces of cheese may be overkill for a dinner for two, but Kirkland should be your go-to if you're planning a party.

Baby food

When you have an infant, the last thing you want to worry about is the overpriced infant formula. The FDA has strict nutritional requirements for infant formula, and Costco's version is no exception. The Ingredient List for Kirkland Non-GMO Infant Formula is nearly identical to the Similac Advance Ingredient List, but costs about half an ounce.

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