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Ten strongest earthquakes in California history

California is a seismically active area, and fears of strong earthquakes are always relevant here. Researchers have an extensive historical database of powerful seismic shocks in California, which is also called the center of earthquakes in the United States.

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Edition GOBankingRates compiled a list of the 10 most powerful earthquakes in the history of California cities.

10. El Centro, May 19, 1940

Magnitude: 7,2

This earthquake caused significant damage to property and resulted in death. In total, 1940 million dollars was spent on recovery after the tremors in 33, which corresponds to 603 645 428,60 dollars today. 20 people were injured, 9 deaths were reported. The earthquake was strong enough to cause fluctuations in buildings in Los Angeles, shocks were felt even in Tucson, Arizona.

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9.Humboldt, January 22, 1923

Magnitude: 7,2

The northwest coast of California is currently sparsely populated, in 1923 it was even less populated. This is what saved the situation when one of the most powerful earthquakes that raged off the coast of Northern California occurred in this area. As a result, no deaths were reported and relatively minor material damage occurred, although houses were damaged in several cities. The tremors were felt even in Reno, Nevada.

8. Lompoc, November 4, 1927

Magnitude: 7,3

This earthquake was one of the strongest in Southern California in the 10th century. However, the low population density in the area and the epicenter about 16 miles (XNUMX km) offshore resulted in no serious impact, with no deaths or serious injuries. As a result of the earthquake, a tsunami occurred in the area, which led to the death of a large number of fish.

7.Santa Barbara, December 21, 1812

Magnitude: 7,5

Although the 1812 year’s historical records are limited, the effects of this earthquake are well documented. He destroyed the Church of Santa Barbara and almost destroyed the Church of La Purísima Concepción, located near the modern city of Lompoc, California. The Spanish ship, anchored 38 miles from the coast, was also damaged, possibly from a tsunami associated with an earthquake. One death case was registered.

6.Landers, June 28, 1992

Magnitude: 7,6

This push is recognized as the largest in Southern California in 40 years. The powerful earthquake created five separate fractures in the earth's crust over 53 miles (85 km), with the earth's crust shifting in some places by as much as 18 feet (5,5 m). Because the quake was centered in the Mojave Desert, about 120 miles (193 km) from Los Angeles, damage was relatively limited for such a powerful seismic event. It resulted in 400 injuries and three deaths. Damage in 1992 was $ 92 million, corresponding to $ 168 in 048.

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5. Northern California, January 31, 1922

Magnitude: 7,6

The jolts were concentrated in 37 miles from the coast, which limited their effects on land. In 1922, this area was less populated than today, which was one of the reasons for the lack of victims. This earthquake is considered the strongest in the history of mankind in this region.

4. Kern County, July 21, 1952

Magnitude: 7,7

What happened near Grapevine and Bakersfield in Kern County, this earthquake is one of the largest in the history of the United States. 12 deaths have been reported. Next to Billville, as a result of the pushes, reinforced concrete tunnels were destroyed, the walls of which were 46 centimeters thick, and the rails were bent by waves. The thrusts were felt from Reno, Nevada, to San Francisco and south to San Diego. Earthquake damage was estimated at 1952 in 60 million dollars, which is 575 487 640,40 dollars today.

3. Lone Pine, March 26, 1872

Magnitude: 7,8

According to the USGS, the Lone Pine earthquake is considered to be one of three earthquakes in the history of the state that caused tremendous shocks throughout California. An earthquake killed 27 people. The shocks led to the rupture of the earth's crust from 90 to 100 kilometers in length. 57 people suffered.

2.San Francisco, April 18, 1906

Magnitude: 7,9

This earthquake is considered the deadliest in the history of California. More than 700 official deaths have been reported. The tremors lasted 45 to 60 seconds and were felt from southern Oregon to southern Los Angeles, all the way to Nevada. The total damage was estimated at a staggering $ 400 million in 1906.

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1. Fort Tejon, January 9, 1857

Magnitude: 7,9

The most powerful earthquake in California in the history of mankind occurred in 1857, about 45 miles northeast of San Luis Obispo. Estimates of the magnitude of this earthquake range from 7,9 to 8,3. The strength of this earthquake, which occurred along the notorious San Andreas Fault, was sufficient for the horizontal displacement of the earth's crust on the Carrizo plain to 9 meters. Strong tremors lasted from one to three minutes. The region suffered serious material damage, but only two deaths were associated with the earthquake.

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