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XNUMX Healthy Foods That Are Really Bad for Your Health

Shoppers may need to make some adjustments to their grocery list the next time they head to the supermarket. Recently published a list of the most unhealthy products that you can buy in almost any store in the United States. MassLive.

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You will be surprised, but not all foods in your diet are as healthy as you think.

Let's take a look at some of the rankings.

10. Varieties of trail mixes

It makes sense that the trail mix (a combination of muesli, dried fruit, nuts, and sometimes candy, designed to be a take-away meal, like hiking) could be considered the perfect healthy snack between main meals.

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But can muesli, dried fruits and even nuts be healthy? Well, you would be partially right in asking this. Buyers need to be aware of what trail mix they are spending their money on. Some of their varieties include sweet foods such as chocolate, candy, and fruit chips. Consuming this mixture is a quick way to increase your sugar intake without even realizing it.

9. Gatorade

It's amazing to see such a popular drink that athletes consume at the top of this list. But if you don't exercise as much as they do, you'd be better off drinking plain water. While Gatorade (the generic name for PepsiCo's line of isotonic drinks) is good at replenishing electrolytes in the body, it is high in sugar. According to research, "one 12-ounce bottle of Cool Blue Thirst Quencher already contains 160 milligrams of sodium and 21 grams of sugar, which is a huge fraction of the recommended daily intake of sugar."

8. Agave nectar

This plant-based sweetener is considered to be healthy because it does not affect blood sugar levels like regular processed sugar. However, agave is very high in fructose. “Eating too much fructose can contribute to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes,” reports Healthline. Excess agave will cause your liver to turn all that excess fructose into fat.

7. Dried fruits

How can anything derived from fruit be harmful to our body? “Experts say dried fruits actually contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals than fresh fruits, but they tend to be high in sugar. For example, one box of Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried raisins contains 18 grams of sugar,” MoneyWise said. The next time you go shopping for dried fruit, be sure to double check the label to make sure it has no added sugar.

6. Some fruit snacks

The classic elementary school snack isn't all that great in terms of health. Many brands of fruit cups use added sugar in their products. For example, one cup of Dole brand peaches in 100% fruit juice contains 18 grams of sugar. To add drama, let's say that one regular peach already contains about 13 grams of sugar.

5. Diet soda

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How can something with the word "diet" in its name be harmful? Well, first of all, there is soda in the drink, among other things. Diet soda contains no sugar or calories, but unlike regular sodas, it does contain aspartame. It is a natural sweetener that mimics the taste of sugar, but like sugar, it is bad for the body. According to Medical News Today, “Diet sodas increase the risk of developing diabetes, adversely affect gut bacteria, insulin secretion, and sensitivity. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels when a person eats carbohydrates, increase waist circumference and body fat. This can worsen insulin sensitivity and worsen blood sugar control.”

4. Burger without meat

Sorry, vegetarians and vegans, but you won't win this round. Just because brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible burger offer meat substitutes doesn't mean they're actually better for you than real meat. MyFoodDiary claims that one Beyond Meat hamburger patty contains 230 calories, 14 grams of fat, and 390 milligrams of sodium. By comparison, you can get a 93% lean ground beef patty instead, which contains 155 calories, 6,8 grams of fat, and 61 milligrams of sodium.

3. Quaker Rice Chips

These light and airy snacks are low in calories, but very high in carbs and low in fiber, meaning they have almost no nutritional value. Some of them come in a variety of flavors, such as ranch, which has over 300 milligrams of sodium in 17 chips. Other flavors, such as caramel, contain 10 grams of sugar for every 13 bites, making these snacks bad for your body.

2. Pasta with spinach

What?! Sailor Popeye's favorite can of fuel isn't right for us? Spinach is actually very healthy as it is rich in many important vitamins and minerals. However, this may shock you: spinach pasta contains almost no of these healthy greens. MoneyWise states, "Mission Garden Spinach Flour has 220 calories, 540 milligrams of sodium, and only 3 grams of fiber." If you're looking to fortify your diet with spinach, steer clear of spinach-flavored foods and opt for leafy greens directly.

1. Canned baked beans

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Baked beans are usually high in protein and fiber, but canned baked beans provide an unnecessary amount of sugar, salt, and other additives. MoneyWise mentions, among other things, that “the inner lining of many bean cans contains the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which could potentially be in your food. Some studies show that BPA increases the risk of obesity and even reduces fertility.”

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