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Money and land: 6 states that pay to go there

Moving is expensive. The process from assembling things, loading, cleaning and finding a new place to live is not cheap. In some cases, you will need free time as well as a lot of money. Writes about it CNet.

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Living in an expensive city can be costly, especially for college graduates burdened with student debt. More than 700 people left California in 000 due to the high cost of living. They head to less expensive places like Texas. The state does not levy taxes, which helps residents reduce costs.

There are some states that are willing to give you money or another financial incentive just to move you there. Some offer more money than others, but you can earn decent money by moving.


If you can work from anywhere, why not let this “anywhere” be Tulsa? Tulsa Remote will pay you $ 10 to stay in Tulsa, even if you work remotely. To be eligible for payment, you must:

  • be able to move to Tulsa within six months;
  • have full-time remote work or be self-employed;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • have the right to work in the United States;
  • along with $ 10 to relocate, you will also receive a free workplace at the coworking office in the city center.

The Remote Work Grants Program allows you to work anywhere you live in Vermont. This is similar to the Oklahoma program in that you need to be able to work remotely - in other words, you need to be a full-time worker who is not limited by your place of residence.

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For Vermont, you will need to detail your work, including the information that your employer must fill out. You will also need to detail the relevant costs of the remote employee that are not covered by your work. If you receive a grant, you can receive up to $ 5 a year for up to two years.

The program is limited to one grantee per family, and self-employed people are not eligible for the grant.


In Kansas, they will not give you money, but you will receive free land. Lincoln City gives away free housing to people with the intention of building a new home. The free home site program has plots ranging from 12 (000 sq. M.) To 1 square feet (114 sq. M.).

If you receive a grant, you will be eligible for a 10-year property tax program. Before buying, keep in mind that you will need to post a bond on the property - $ 0,08 per square foot - which will be returned to you upon completion of the agreement.


If Kansas is not your state, try Iowa. Marna also has a grant program. It is only for legal residents of the United States.

The home you build must be at least 1200 square feet (111 sqm) and you will need to complete construction within 18 months of signing the contract. The house should also have a basement - at least a partial one - which is not included in the total area. You cannot build a commercial property and you are not allowed to store a van, trailer or boat here.


If you are a resident of Alaska, you can qualify for a permanent Alaskan fund.

Oil tycoons pay annual dividends to each resident. Amounts range from $ 1000 to $ 2000 per person or up to $ 8000 per family of four. (Amounts vary each year depending on stock market indicators and other factors.) You will need to register every year to receive funds.

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This is a big benefit for the current residents of Alaska. Former Governor Bill Walker has reduced dividends for recipients, and this topic has become a huge campaign issue in 2018. The current governor, Mike Dunleavy, is looking for ways to introduce additional payments.


If you are considering moving to Baltimore, you can receive up to $ 5000 to cover the cost of the Purchase in Baltimore program. The program applies to 30 home buyers through the lottery 10 days after the Live Baltimore Trolley Tour, which you must visit if you want to qualify.

To participate you need:

  • get advice on property ownership and receive a certificate confirming your participation;
  • make a new home the main residence;
  • have at least $ 1000 of their own money that will go to buy a house;
  • make an offer to buy a house within 10 days after the tour;
  • buy a house, the cost of which does not exceed $ 517 for single-family living.

Getting $ 5000 to cut some costs is helpful. But many other cities, counties, and states offer assistance programs to home buyers. Check out the qualifications and what you can claim.

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