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U.S. grocery shortage: 9 products starting to disappear from store shelves

Nowadays, the shortage of favorite products in stores, alas, has become a regularity. As one buyer put it, "The shelves have been empty for about two years now." Taste of Home conducted a survey among Facebook users if they were experiencing food shortages in their supermarkets. 2000 people responded. As expected, the majority of the respondents gave positive answers. However, some have shared creative ways of sourcing food ahead of the holidays. More details about what is missing in stores and what can be done, told the publication Eat This Not That.

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“I have a constant list of products that I need for holiday baking, and I buy several ingredients every week, if available,” one of the buyers shared his secret.


Some people report that it has become difficult to find juices, such as apple and lime juices, especially in bottles and packaged. Perhaps because they are indispensable for school lunch boxes, and now the educational process is in full swing.

Bottled water

Water is another product that is difficult to find these days, and reports of water shortages continue to appear on social media. Buyers report problems finding bottled water in grocery stores, as well as limited sales.

Back in July, Costco was spotted limiting the number of packs of water that could be purchased. “We are currently out of water,” reads a photograph of the store's sign. - The estimated time of arrival of our next delivery has not yet been set. We are sorry for the inconvenience. "

On the subject: From turkey to toilet paper: what's going to disappear from store shelves in America due to scarcity


Many respondents who answered the Taste of Home question on Facebook complain that it has become difficult to find bread.

According to the North Coast Journal, even if you manage to get your hands on your favorite bakery product, a megadrid could trigger a "price hike." That is, problems are likely not only directly with bread as such, but also with the means for its acquisition. Therefore, perhaps it's time to learn how to make sourdough.


Durum wheat is an ideal ingredient for pasta and bread. Due to extreme weather conditions, stocks of durum wheat are currently insufficient. As a result, experts have predicted a new shortage of pasta, and some shoppers seem to be already seeing the consequences.

“I noticed that, among other things, there is a shortage of pasta,” says one Facebook follower.

Toilet paper

Many buyers are alarmed by restrictions on the purchase of toilet paper at Costco and other stores. You probably remember how extremely difficult it was to find her last year due to restrictions and anxious purchases.

Paper towels

This is another product that became in short supply during the quarantine, so now its sales are limited to one or two packages per one hand. But many buyers on Facebook wrote that this does not save the situation - towels are still impossible to find.


Kraft announced last year that it was going to end production of some products as it ramped up production of the most in-demand items. This meant that there would be more well-known Lunchables, but customers today cannot find them on the shelves of grocery stores, because with the beginning of the school year, the demand for them has increased dramatically.

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Last year, pumpkin puree was in short supply, because due to unfavorable weather and atmospheric conditions, farmers could not plant this melon crop earlier. This year, a fungus has infected her plants in Illinois, which supplies the vast majority of canned pumpkins sold across the country.


Some of the consumers report a shortage of meat, as well as increased prices for it. One of them suggested that suppliers "accumulate stocks of meat and canned food before they become more expensive." While another complains that "the choice of meat has changed" and "the prices of beef and bacon have skyrocketed."

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