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What is more harmful: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or sugar?


The Wall Street Journal together with the NBC television company learned the opinion of thousands of Americans that, in their opinion, is more harmful: tobacco, alcohol, sugar or marijuana.

Almost half - 49% of the respondents - answered that they consider cigarettes to be the most harmful of the listed, 24% favored alcohol, 15% chose sugar, and only 8% considered marijuana on this list the most dangerous to health.

However, doctors have a different opinion. Dr. Michael Pantelon of Yale University, in an interview with the Epoch Times, set the priorities differently.

“The question is“ what is more harmful? ” delivered incorrectly. It all depends on a number of factors and their combination. The most important factors are the dose and duration of exposure of a given substance to the body, ”says Dr. Pantelon.

He noted that he considers alcohol as the most harmful and dangerous for health. Alcohol intoxication, especially when people drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time, can lead to serious consequences for the body and even death. In addition, the mass of car accidents and violence occur due to excessive alcohol consumption. Long-term alcohol dependence can also destroy not only the health, but also the social status of a person, as well as relationships with relatives.

In the second place doctors put cigarettes. The association of nicotine use with serious diseases of the internal organs, including lung cancer, is irrefutable.

Dr. Pantelon named marijuana the third most harmful to humans. Despite the fact that most Americans consider it less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, doctors still do not know exactly what the consequences of long-term use of marijuana are. Science has yet to do a lot of research on this topic. Also, to this day, experts disagree on how much marijuana needs to be smoked to get behind the wheel was risky. In addition, marijuana - contrary to another common misconception - is addictive.

Sugar ranked fourth. Despite the fact that sweet food cannot be called healthy and the abuse of sugar will sooner or later lead to health problems (diabetes, obesity - just a few of them), sweets are much inferior in harmfulness to alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana.

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