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What to bring to relatives from the USA: serious and not very advice from ForumDaily readers

В Facebook group "Looking for advice" ForumDaily reader Nazira asked: what to bring home from America? We have collected for you the most interesting, serious and not very recommendations from the comments to this post.

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Here's what our readers advise:


  • “Vitamins with vegetable and fruit extracts like Alive, Beef Jerky dried meat (Old Trapper type, natural), coffee, all kinds of candies in small bright packages, a bag of various from Dollar Tree, 99 cents store, deodorants, small packs of cream and toothpaste from the same place (people say - they rejoice there, like very good), sometimes there is branded cosmetics there - shadows, mascara, lipstick - then hers too, children's small souvenir toys from the same place ... Caps, T-shirts with funny pictures and inscriptions. If relatives love spicy things, then small bottles of local sauces with all sorts of peppers like ghost pepper. Local cracklings aka pork rinds aka chicharrones in small packages. The cheese is different, there is little choice, but here it is full. "


  • “Vitamins, $ 99 Reading Glasses + Eyeshadow Kits + Travel Kits, Toothbrush, Paste + Dentist Dentist Kits + Filling Paste Temporary For Treatment! Glasses for drivers at night for driving! Much depends on your environment and the amount of money! Recently, I have focused on jewelry, scarves from natural materials ”.


  • “I always bring vitamins from Costco to my friends, something from American brands - Tommy Hilfiger, a discounted cashmere sweater from Macy's, Michael Kors sneakers, I buy American cosmetics there - everyone loves Urban Decay in Russia - shiny makeup palettes; rejuvenating capsules and other Elizabeth Arden products. The girlfriends are very happy. And we also bring Crown Royal to men - this is Canadian whiskey, I like it very much, it is not sold in Russia. "


  • “American jeans, not made in China. As I suggested it to one, everyone asked for themselves, everyone wanted jeans. I wouldn't have guessed. And they love vitamins, even the cat was carrying vitamins. Spirits love, creams, even pecans to try. In the USA, clothes are of better quality and cheaper. In Miami, near the ocean, a branded cap is cheaper than on the outskirts of Kiev at a bazaar. And so with all things, but you need to know the sizes and tastes. ”


  • “In addition to all of the above, I always carried about a hundred bills of $ 2 and $ 1, gold coins, helped a lot for souvenirs to the children of my friends, gave it like an unchangeable bill, told everyone to carry it in their wallet for profit, everyone was happy, the rest is always to my mother left, she was also rescued, then the doctor as a souvenir, and so on. "


  • "Whitening strips and toothpaste."


  • “Cigarettes and gum, American are the best. Alcohol from Costco. Vitamins, shoes and clothes. My dad always orders Gillette blades and AAA batteries, and my mom has green coffee and tea. ”

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  • “Original perfumes, cosmetics, pistachios, any nuts except walnuts and peanuts, men can have a high-quality shirt or T-shirt, belt, and if for children, then something from Carters' clothes, here it costs fabulous money, and in the USA it’s a penny, the best quality. You can also take complexes of vitamins, now it is relevant ... "


  • "Canadian whiskey"


  • "$ 3 Walmart T-shirts - no demolition."


  • "Shoes, light down jackets, sports T-shirts or polos, perfume."


  • “Peanut butter. It's delicious in the USA. "


  • “Cigarettes, perfume, nuts, candy. I used to think it was nonsense, but then my son told me that there is a difference. If you have friends with small children, it is very good to bring an ointment for diaper rash as a gift. Sold at Costco. ”


  • “I was bringing in local peanut candy, macadamia nuts, and all the kids in Justice Kids clothes that are great at the sales. Next time I will take these clothes and peanut butter again, as they asked what the children eat here for breakfast. "

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  • “Surprise, but somehow I brought all kinds of Philadelphia cheese flavors a long time ago. They still remember everything. "


  • “Electronics. at home it is more expensive ... "


  • “Good vitamins. Food additives such as fish oil, lecithin. Eye drops. Gas tablets. Toothpaste. Powder. Shampoo. Cigarettes. More bed linen and towels, nice and good quality. Sheets with elastic bands. "


  • “I bought pistachios (everyone liked the gift), pancake mix, maple syrup (but I like stevia better), peanut sweets (which is not available in my homeland), for my sisters I bought face serums with hyaluronic acid. Next time I will buy vitamins and branded T-shirts. "


  • "Cosmetics, clothing and accessories of American brands such as DKNW, CK, Michael Kors ..."


"From Costco - nuts, instant coffee, black pepper, vitamins."


  • "Maple syrup!!! Our prices for it are just space, but there are pennies. The yummy is incredible. "

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There were also comic comments. For example:


  • “Take away - for nothing: the whole Democratic Party with giblets. If you fly over China, just let them go. "


  • "Sense of freedom"


  • “Unmarried American. Will be snapped up. "


  • Green Card.

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