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What you need to know about the design of a passport of a US citizen for a child

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Anyone who wants to leave the United States must have a passport with them, even a newborn. But the process of obtaining a passport in childhood (before 16 years) differs from the process of issuing a passport to an adult.

Here are the main differences of 2: if a passport is issued to a person under the age of 16, he must apply for a passport with a legal guardian. A children's passport is valid only for 5 years, unlike adult passports that are valid for 10 years.

Even if your child has a passport, be sure to check the expiration date before planning your trip.

“Some countries require passports to be valid for 6 months after the date of travel,” explained Ami O'Shaughnessy, CEO Ciao bambino, a travel agency specializing in family planning with children. Most people cannot go on their trip because of the overdue and expiring date of a passport, she added.

Edition The Huffington Post summarized how to get an American passport for a minor.

1. Collect documents

Before you fill out an application for a passport, you will need several documents. The first is proof of the nationality of the minor. Original or certified birth certificates are suitable, but a photocopy is not. A certificate of citizenship or a consular report on birth abroad is also suitable. As proof of citizenship, an intact US passport is allowed, even if it is overdue.

The person accompanying the child must present proof of guardianship to obtain a passport. It is easiest to bring the original or certified birth certificate or consular report on citizenship. But if you do not have any of the above documents, the adoption, birth certificate or divorce or custody order will also work.

Parents, in any case, must show an identity document. Therefore, you should come with a driver's license, passport, passport, certificate of naturalization or citizenship or military ID.

Finally, make copies of each identification document you choose for yourself and your child. You must show the originals, but provide copies of each document in order to prepare your passport. No copies - no passport.

2. Take a photo in your child's passport

The easiest option is “passport photo”, you can get it on your postcode. If you want to take a picture yourself, just make sure it fits the bill.

As for the newborn, the US State Department recommends putting a white blanket in the car seat and taking a picture of the child in the car seat. Thus, the child’s head will be held without the help of hands, which is not allowed for a passport photo.

3. Decide on the consent form.

Both parents must consent to the child in order to receive a passport. One way for both parents to do this is to accompany the minor.

But if one of the parents or both cannot go, you need to fill out a consent form. If you have unilateral custody, you need to provide evidence. There are various forms for different situations, for example, if no parent can be present, or you simply cannot find one of the parents. Just make sure that you have a consent form completed in advance to submit it, because otherwise the request for a passport will be denied.

4. Fill out the passport application form

The form can be found on department website. Fill it out completely. On the website, find the offices that can accept your application, take the child and all supporting documents.

If time allows you, consider a submission strategy.

“January is a great month to apply for a passport - faster than any other time of the year,” said Amy O'Shaughnessy.

Passport will cost $ 80. Passport and ID will cost $ 95. There is always an additional $ 25 processing fee. Some places only accept checks or money orders. Others accept cash, and still others accept credit card payments.

Passport processing takes 6-8 weeks, and the finished document is sent by mail to the owner.

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