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What to do when moving from one US state to another: personal experience and advice

В Facebook group "Looking for advice"created by ForumDaily, one of the readers asked what is important to do before moving from one American state to another. Here's what the subscribers replied.

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Reader Andrew revealed that he was planning his first move to another state, and asked the group's subscribers about what is important to do before leaving, other than notifying the landlord and ISP, and how to handle the car.

Here's what ForumDaily readers answered.


  • “If you are on a green card, you need to indicate to USCIS that you are changing your address.
  • It seems like you can roll a car before the end of registration in the old state and put it on record there.
  • I also did mail forwarding in USPS to a new address.
  • Moving service is usually more expensive than just selling / burning everything locally and buying a new one. Or move the U-Haul yourself. "


  • “Mail, forwarding. Close utility bills if you pay yourself. The car will have to be re-registered at a new location in the district. If a citizen - then register for voting. "


  • “Make a list of ALL organizations, sites, stores (Costco? Amazon?) Where you need to change the address. Not just "banks", but specifically on points, if you have cards in more than one. This makes it easier to control and tick the boxes, because the move takes all thoughts and in the hustle and bustle you can not immediately orient yourself.
  • How to register a car, change DL in a new state? Check the dmv website in advance, what documents are needed, and maybe even make an appointment in advance so as not to overstay the period.
  • I also advise on day X to have a box / suitcase with you, in which you will have things for the first 2 days after the move: toothbrushes, toilet paper, linen, fork + spoon, etc. The boxes are not immediately unpacked in a new place and looking for the right one is a chore. "


  • “Cut off all utility bills. I paid for water in the old apartment for 2 months and did not know.
  • Register with a school district in the new state. When we moved, a lot of people moved with us, and in our school there was not enough room for people like me who scratched themselves late. Now we go to the next one. It was also lucky that they took it there, but they could even send it somewhere farther. "


  • “In my experience, if there is an annuity, be sure to ask the manager to come to check the apartment. Because of the covid, they generally became insolent, we lived for 5 years, the apartment was removed, everything was smeared, cleanliness and order, we moved. After 20 days, they sent me: in addition to a fine, a deposit, we need to pay an additional $ 1200 for painting and cleaning, they wrote a whole list. We didn’t pay, they gave it to the collectors. Be vigilant. And be sure to read what is written in the contract. "


  • “We need to make a video of which apartment (house) you are leaving, preferably in more detail.”


  • “Make a USPS redirect to a new address.
  • Update the address on all credit cards, bank. If the car is on loan, ask the bank for permission to transport the car.
  • Close all accounts for electricity, internet, etc.
  • Find out all the nuances about animals.
  • Schools, if there are children.
  • Take a photo of all the rooms after you check out. So that later there would be no problems with a deposit or sale.
  • Take a photo of the furniture before the movers come to receive compensation in the event of damage. ”


“If there are medications that you take constantly, take care of the refills in advance, so as not to immediately be left without medication in a new place (while you sign up for a new doctor, time may pass).”


  • Notify all utility service companies that you are moving. Let them close your accounts. Or they are transferred to a new tenant (they are transferred so that the new tenant does not pay for the connection).
  • Register the car at the new location. Also change your DL - to a new address.


  • “Register with USPS and set up forwarding of all emails to a new address. It's free, but you will be charged 1 cent to make sure it's you (your card is in your name). ”


  • “The car can be sent through Montway, call the electrical provider too, besides the Internet and cable, if you want the same provider for the Internet, you can do a 'moving' service, then you don't need to take the router and connect the Internet at a new place on the day of arrival.
  • If there is a cable or other TV service, this must also be done, either closed or transferred to a new location. Be careful - some make a contract for a year or two, and interruption is fraught with a fine.
  • Cover up any nail or screw holes if anything was hanging on the walls. Don't worry about the color of the putty, they will paint anyway. If carpet cleaning was specified in the contract, it must be done, otherwise the deposit will not be returned. If the floor is parquet, make sure there are no scratches. If there is - try to polish, again, you can lose your deposit. It is difficult to sue now - the courts are not working yet. My children were charged for unmown grass and poor cleaning after removal and departure, although the matchmaker removed everything. True, they rented a house.
  • If water, sewerage and oil or gas were on you, this should also be closed the day you vacated the apartment. ”


  • “If you do not have citizenship you still need to immigrate report... If you do not inform, you will be sent correspondence to the old address. If it’s in the same city, it’s not scary, but if it’s a different state, then all calls for some business (interviews, citizenship) will be in the local INS offices and you will have to ride to change your fingers, take the oath, and so on in your old state ... In addition, if you have a green card, then compliance with the laws of the new state is still better than non-compliance. For example, almost every state requires a replacement driver license and car registration within 30 days. You are not in danger if you do not change until the document reaches the expiration date, but in case of problems with the law, this can seriously screw up. If you accept American life, then federal, state and local laws are best respected. "


  • “If you are not a US citizen, then without fail, no later than 10 days after moving to a new place, fill out forms AR-11 (online)... There is a separate application for each family member, even for a child. "

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • ForumDaily readers often ask for recommendations in the “Looking for advice” group and always get useful answers. For example, recently one of the readers asked a question about what to do if the wife in the USA refused to be included in her husband's health insurance because of the different endings of the surnames (Ivanov and Ivanova) - in the United States such surnames are considered different. Answers - here.
  • А at this link we have collected for you the most interesting, serious and not very recommendations from the comments of readers to the post about what to bring to relatives from the USA.

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