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What you need for happy immigration

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When I wrote this text, I tried to find at least something that could be cited as an example as an argument that prevents us from being happy in the USA, but did not find anything. Nothing.

The key word in this sentence is "us." Moving to another country is definitely not entertainment for everyone. Not everyone will be able to get along with the fact that there will not be a washing machine in his apartment and it will be common to the whole house. Someone will definitely be furious about not being able to reach anyone, because answering machines always work on mobiles. And someone will not be satisfied with the apartments, which are rented completely empty. And I didn’t even say anything about medicine!

Therefore, for the emigration you need to have two options to choose from.

The first option is to be a person open to everything new. To accept everything that happens around, as an adventure, and not as a problem. Seeing in the outside world the opportunity to enrich themselves and become better. See a completely different world, after all.

The second option - you should be very bad where you are now. And then any other place will seem like a paradise on earth.

You know, I very often again hear the phrase “what a great fellow you are, what you were able to take and change your life so abruptly”. (I already told the story of his move to the US). And all the time I was thinking that we, in fact, did nothing SUCH. Just went to another country to see what is there and how. Absolutely everyone can do this. In particular, on a tourist visa in the United States can be six months.

And it seemed to me that you need to admire those people about whom I read a lot on the forum in preparation for obtaining a green card. These people go to live in the States, not knowing English at all, having one hundred thousand Russian rubles as savings and do not even know what city to live in. And what are we? Everything's great. We were successful and well provided in St. Petersburg, the last six months before the move, we decided to refuse to travel around the world - to save money just in case, so that when moving to the States to have a layer of bills on a rainy day under the mattress. And here we are. What is great?

Photo from the personal archive of the author

And only after a while, I really understood that just like us, when emigrating it should be more difficult. Because there we had everything. And there is nothing. This is where the breakdown happens. And the people about whom I wrote above, in fact, nothing has changed. Just changed the continent. They had nothing to lose, because they rode boldly into their new life for the American dream. We, by the way, did not have a break. And I hope that will not be. Thanks to the fact that the values ​​in life are correct.

And people just always forget the most important thing. Wherever you go, you take it with you. And if at first you can go out on euphoria and forget about yourself the present and it will seem that, oh miracle, all your problems are solved, then time will put everything in its place. And, most likely, if the awareness is lame, then it will cover like it was never dreamed of. Because if we consider moving (changing jobs, new men, holidays, etc.) as an attempt to solve all their problems, then this is a failed undertaking. This is the local way that can help to distract for a while. And then you look in the mirror and again see there who needs a global wash. And until you understand this, you are not aware that this will be running in a circle.

Again, I want to repeat what I said at the very beginning of our move: it’s not the place we’ve moved to makes us happy, happiness is our inner state, and we brought it with us from St. Petersburg. And I think that the key to success (positive posts, vivid adventures, interesting events in life) is precisely this.

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