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What is known about the American slaughter in a nightclub Orlando

29-year-old Omar Matin, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol, entered the gay bar Pulse in Orlando on the night of June 12 and opened fire on visitors. As a result, 49 people died, more than 50 were injured. The media discusses several possible motives for the crime: Matin's homophobia, his connection with radical Islamists, or mental disorder.

Omar Matin was born in New York

The criminal's father, Seddick Mir Matin, is a native of Afghanistan. The washington post Reportedthat he may be a supporter of the Taliban movement (the organization is recognized as terrorist in Russia and is prohibited). Seddick Matin for three years led the program on the American satellite channel Payam-e-afghanIn which he repeatedly spoke out against the current authorities of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In some broadcasts, Omar’s father Matin spoke about supporting the Taliban.

Matin worked for the largest private security company.

After graduating from college in Florida and receiving two diplomas (one of them, according to The New York Times - in the field of criminal justice technologies), in 2007, Omar Matin got a job in a company G4S - transnational security company with headquarters in London. Some colleagues Matin said that he did not hide his homophobia and often made harsh statements, including the desire to kill. Others argue that Omar Matin never had any conflicts with his colleagues, some of whom were openly gay.

Matina repeatedly interrogated by the FBI

For the first time, he was called in for questioning in 2013, in connection with his colleagues' complaints about insulting remarks. A year later, Matin was again summoned to the FBI - this time on suspicion of having links with the American muslim radicalwho blew themselves up in Syria. Both investigations were eventually closed.

Matin told about his homophobia his father

According to Seddick Matin, a few months before Omar’s attack had seen at a fair in Miami kissing men and went berserk. Under the assumption of the father, this case could push Omar to a crime. According to Seddick Matin, the son’s deed deeply saddened him, and he noted that the attack has nothing to do with religion: Islam, according to matina senior, teaches that "the Lord himself will punish sodomites." With this edition of the East Orlando Post claimsthat before the attack on the bar Pulse Matin studied other gay clubs Orlando.

The mosque did not see in it a propensity to violence

The miami herald cited Imam Shafiq Rahman, who says that Omar Matin from his youth regularly went to his mosque and was "a very quiet guy." NBC News, with reference to anonymous law enforcement sources, reportedthat shortly before the attack, Omar Matin called the 911 service and announced that he was connected to the Islamic State. 13 June representatives of the "Islamic State" announced the Matina "warrior of the Caliphate in America." At the same time, according to Reuters, the American authorities have no reason to assume that Omar Matin was associated with any extremist organization.

Omar's former wife Matina told about his problems with the psyche

Matin was married twice. In April 2009, he married a native of Uzbekistan, Sitore Yusufiy (according to The Daily MirrorYusufy was his “bride on the internet”). Four months later, they broke up and officially divorced in 2011. Yusufiy, talking to reporters after the attack,Toldthat her husband beat her. According to her, Omar Matin suffered from some form of mental disorder, possibly from bipolar affliction disorder. Yusufy also mentioned cases of steroid abuse (Matin was bodybuilding).

Matin was able to buy a gun, being on the list of suspected FBI

Как пишет The Los Angeles Times, after conversations with investigators Omar Matin was listed as people potentially associated with terrorism. However, this did not prevent him from legally acquiring a pistol and an assault rifle - he bought the weapon during the 12 days that preceded the attack. As notes Quartz, semi-automatic rifle AR-15, on which Omar Matin chose, often appears in the massacres in the United States. In particular, these weapons were used by criminals in San bernardino in california and in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

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