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What and when to buy in the USA: a guide to American sales

Traditional American sales are not limited to Black Friday and the Christmas season of discounts. Edition Lifehacker made a schedule of large sales and put together tools with which it is convenient to monitor price changes in popular online stores.

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Martin Luther King Day

  • When: third Monday of January.
  • What to buy: Christmas decorations and products from Christmas collections of cosmetics, clothes and accessories. During the first sale of the year, prices for all this usually become much lower than before the New Year holidays.


  • When: February 14th.
  • What to buy: jewelry, cosmetics, men's and women's clothing, romantic trinkets.

Presidents Day

  • When: the third Monday of February.
  • What to buy: winter clothes, goods for winter sports.

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St.Patrick 's Day

  • When: March 17th.
  • What to buy: all categories of goods are involved in the sale, often discounts are made on green things.


  • When: from March 22 to April 25.
  • What to buy: home goods, easter decorations, electronics and household appliances.

Mothers Day

  • When: second Sunday of May.
  • What to buy: women's clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics and perfumes, household goods, household appliances.

Father's Day

  • When: third Sunday of June.
  • What to buy: men's clothing, gadgets, home tools.

Independence Day

  • When: July 4th.
  • What to buy: clothes and shoes, electronics, household appliances.

Prime Day on Amazon

  • When: tentatively July 11–15.
  • What to buy: clothes, shoes, accessories, goods for children, cosmetics and equipment. Amazon Prime members can buy discounted products, so you should subscribe to its free 30-day version before the sale.

Labor Day

  • When: first Monday of September.
  • What to buy: goods for sports and summer holidays, clothes and shoes from summer collections, school supplies, electronics.

Columbus Day

  • When: the second Monday of October.
  • What to buy: sporting goods, household appliances, cosmetics and perfumes, clothes and shoes, car accessories.


  • When: October 31.
  • What to buy: costumes for party costumes, youth clothes, shoes and accessories.

Thanksgiving Day

  • When: the fourth Thursday of November.
  • What to buy: electronics and gadgets, sporting goods.

Black Friday

  • When: Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • What to buy: anything. If you were planning to purchase something expensive, but were waiting for discounts, you can buy goods with maximum benefit on Black Friday. On this day, the sales season begins, which will last until Christmas.

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Cyber ​​Monday

  • When: first Monday after Thanksgiving.
  • What to buy: smart electronics, household appliances, personal care products.


  • When: December 25th.
  • What to buy: electronics and gadgets, clothes, products for children. It’s better not to postpone shopping until later, otherwise the more efficient customers will understand the things you need.

How to keep track of discounts

Although sales happen almost every month, this does not prevent stores from declaring additional discounts on various groups of goods. In order not to miss the benefit, use the services that will help you choose the best time for shopping.

Resource Slickdeals - This is a storehouse of information about current discounts and sales. Here you can find discount coupons for the most popular American trading floors: from 6pm and Amazon to Sephora. On the main page there is information about the stocks that seemed to be the most interesting to site visitors.

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Another popular coupon and discount aggregator is Fatwallt. Offers are conveniently sorted into categories, so even someone who is not particularly good in English can figure it out.

Service Fetchee will tell you when it's time to buy the things you are interested in. Install a browser extension, add products to the wishlist, and when the store announces a discount, Fetchee will send you an email. It turns out much more convenient than monitoring sales on their own.

Amazon lovers will need a site Camel. Select a product, copy the address of its page into the search bar on Camelcamelcamel and see how the price of this item has changed since it was available. Thus, you can insure yourself against a meeting with amateurs to raise prices before major sales.

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