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Immigrant impressions: what is in American supermarkets, but not in Russian

Author channel on Yandex Zen Sergey Kurylenko told how American supermarkets differ from Russian. Next - from the first person.

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You come shopping at an American supermarket. You walk for a long time, you choose, you remember what ended up at home and you need to buy more. You pay at the cash register and carry the cart to the car. You leave the store and understand that something is not right here.

It seems that everything is the same as in Russia: the same shelves with goods, cashiers punch purchases at the checkout. Unless they speak English, not Russian, but that's not the point.

The devil, as they say, is in the details, so I decided to better analyze the American supermarket and understand what I lost sight of.

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Free toilets

A very important point, which, unfortunately, in Russia is not always there. It will be more accurate to say that free toilets with us are more likely an exception to the rule than the rule.

I hope that now the situation has changed for the better, but before there were no free toilets in supermarkets, and you had to run to the restroom of the shopping center, which could be on another floor.

This is a serious topic, because parents with young children and elderly people often come for shopping.


A small, almost imperceptible detail, but at the same time very useful and necessary. These wipes are designed for trolleys, but in fact they can save you if you get dirty when you try or get food. And just rubbing your hands after the store will not be amiss.

Umbrella Bags

Good Americans have even taken care of your umbrella. There are special packages for you to hide your wet umbrella in it and not plant puddles throughout the store.

A very unusual thing for me, which hardly anyone uses, especially in America, where everyone comes to shop in cars.

However, the presence of such things in the store only shows that customers here are respected and taken care of. This can be regarded as a gesture of goodwill.


Pharmacies belong to the same company as the store itself. A variety of promotions and discounts are also held there, as well as all kinds of banners and posters in an attempt to attract attention.

This is very convenient when you scored a lot of junk food in the supermarket and you can immediately buy activated charcoal just in case, because tomorrow is a working day that you can’t miss in America.

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Pharmacies in America are generally a separate issue. They are usually larger than ours, but half of the shelves are occupied by goods that are in no way related to medicines. Everything is flashed there by the Americans - from clothing to ordinary food. You can easily find toys, cosmetics, and even stomach-bad snacks.

These are the differences between American supermarkets and ours. I did not write about electric carts for the disabled and overweight people, because there is already a lot of information about this.

Original published in Sergey Kurilenko’s blog on Yandex Zen.

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