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What to do if a hurricane caught you in the car

Tropical storm Elsa is approaching Florida. It will run along the entire east coast from Florida to Maine. If for some reason you did not have time to evacuate, and the hurricane caught you in the car, edition NBC Gathered a few tips on how to act to stay alive.

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During the hurricane season, four types of natural events occur in the states affected by them, which can be dangerous for people on the road in a car:

  1. showers, floods, storm waves;
  2. lightning strikes;
  3. deg;
  4. tornado.

In the case of showers, floods and storm waves, several rules should be followed:

  • Drive on the road in your car only in case of emergency;
  • If the rain gets too heavy, park the car on the side of the road or at a gas station and wait out bad weather;
  • Never try to drive through a flooded street - even 60 cm of water can carry a car away or leave you trapped, unable to exit. Moreover, it is very difficult to assess "by eye" the real depth of the water, so there is no need to risk it.

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  • It is safer to be in the car during lightning strikes than on the street, but it is still not the safest place.
  • If the storm is very strong, park the car on the side of the road, turn it off completely and sit quietly, with your hands on your knees, trying not to touch the things that conduct electricity.
  • Do not hide from a thunderstorm under an overpass - this is dangerous for other drivers.


  • Hail can fall at speeds up to 160 km per hour, damaging the road, creating pollution on it and breaking the glass of a car.
  • Park your car and hide from the hail in the building.
  • If there is no building nearby, find a car wash, gas station or any carport, hide the car under it and stay in the car.

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  • Do not try to run away or overtake a tornado; leave to the side or in the opposite direction from it.
  • Do not try to hide under an overpass - this is dangerous for other drivers.
  • If a tornado gets too close, leave the car and take cover in a building in any moat or ditch.

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