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How Democrats and Republicans differ and who supports them in the USA

In the US political arena, there are mainly two major parties - the Republican and the Democratic. After each election, they hold the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives and Senate. The governors are also mostly from these two parties. More details about the differences between the two parties told the publication MC.Today.

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The views of Democrats and Republicans on the world are absolutely polar opposite. Differences appear in their comments, decisions and history and relate to ideology, politics, social and economic development of the country.

Party history

The Democratic Party appeared first. She was born in the wake of anti-federalist tendencies during America's war of independence from Great Britain. The donkey symbol on the party emblem was first used during Andrew Jackson's 1828 presidential campaign. The Democratic National Committee was founded in 1848 during the Civil War. After that, those who supported slavery broke away from the party. The current democrats are precisely the result of a split. There were 15 representatives of the Democratic Party among the US presidents.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists. Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president. The elephant symbol was first used in 1874. Lincoln's presidency, politics and ideology formed the basis of the party and greatly strengthened it. To date, 19 Republicans have held the post of President of the United States.

Party Philosophy and Level of American Support

Democrats are usually leftist on many issues. They support national social security, and are generally not too aggressive in foreign policy. They are liberals and advocate for a strong government, equality and collective responsibility.

Republicans advocate limited government intervention in national politics. In fact, they are the right wing in the American political system: they support the army, business, religion and campaigns for human freedom and personal responsibility for their actions. They prefer conservative social and financial approaches. They advocate lean government and a developed free market.

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Democrats usually dominate the northeastern United States, the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Republicans control the south and west, especially the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

The younger generation of voters is more likely to support Democrats, while older people, on the contrary, are drawn to the Republicans. Men are also more likely to vote for Republicans than women.

Specific differences in different issues


  • Democrats: “Like most Americans, we strongly believe that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion.”
  • Republicans: It is believed that abortion should be outlawed regardless of the circumstances. “We affirm that human life is sacred. The unborn child has an inviolable fundamental right to life. "

Same-sex marriage

  • Democrats: They applauded the decision of the US Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • Republicans: We condemned this decision. "Five unelected lawyers have stripped 320 million Americans of their legal constitutional right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman."


  • Democrats: They called for repairing the "broken immigration system" and introducing a procedure for legally obtaining citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.
  • Republicans: Welcomed Trump's call to build a wall along the border with Mexico. Refrained from commenting when their candidate demanded to deport all illegal immigrants to their homeland.

Climate change

  • Democrats: “Climate change is a real threat to our economy, national security, the health and future of our children and requires immediate intervention.”
  • Republicans: Doubt about climate change, reject the research results of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In their opinion, this group is not “an unbiased scientific institution. It is a political mechanism with intolerance towards scientists and anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. "

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Medicare health insurance program

  • Democrats: We intend to "resist any attempts by Republicans to privatize or eliminate Medicare." We are also ready to allow Americans over 55 to join the program.
  • Republicans: They are eager to close the program for the elderly. It is believed that retirees should either pay for private health insurance, or accept a new, heavily curtailed state.

Wall Street

  • Democrats: The party pledged to "actively implement, implement and strengthen banking regulation instruments to curb the questionable practices of financial institutions."
  • Republicans: They blamed the Great Recession on "government housing policies" rather than Wall Street's actions. They called banking regulation "an excuse to establish unprecedented state control over the country's financial markets."


  • Democrats: President Barack Obama has agreed to ease economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for a reduction in Iran's nuclear program. According to the Democrats, this step "objectively cuts off all avenues for Iran to acquire new weapons without the need to resort to military action."
  • Republicans: This deal "significantly undermines our security, interests and our friends' chances of survival." The Republican platform called it "a personal agreement between the president and his negotiating partners, which the next president is not obligated to comply with."


  • Democrats: The platform endorsed a "secure and democratic Jewish state of Israel" and a chance for Palestinians to "independently rule their country peacefully and with dignity."
  • Republicans: They also supported Israel, but at the same time they did not make any statements about the possibility of the existence of both states. The bipartisan decision on the coexistence of Israel and Palestine as two independent states has been at the heart of US foreign policy for many years.

Money in politics

  • Democrats: They want to reverse the Citizens United decision, which allowed corporations to spend unlimited funds to support the election campaign.

“We need to cut off secret and nowhere accounted for in politics. To do this, we need to pass a law on greater transparency and accountability of external groups, federal contractors and public organizations to shareholders. "

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  • Republicans: “I got into politics so that the strong can no longer beat up those who cannot defend themselves,” Trump said in his speech marking his acceptance of the Republican nomination for the presidency.

In fact, the Republican platform greatly simplifies the situation for those in power. It raises the ceiling on sponsorship contributions, which allows outside groups to spend millions on campaigning. At the same time, the sponsor's personality remains in the shadows.

Electoral rights

  • Democrats: The party said it will fight against voter identification laws "to preserve the fundamental right of citizens to vote."
  • Republicans: The party supported government measures to introduce voter identification, despite the fact that the US Department of Justice and several federal and state courts found the measures discriminatory against minorities and low-income citizens.

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