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Traveler's Checklist: 10 Must-Have Places in Northern California

Let's face it, Northern California is gorgeous. But there are so many great places in this part of the state that you can spend more time looking for options and making decisions than on the trip itself.

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A List of 10 Things to Do in Northern California Offers Only In Your State.

1. Walking along the Sundial Bridge in Redding

It is an architectural wonder - a working sundial, and a beautiful pedestrian bridge that complements the natural environment.

2. Visit the Lassen Volcanic National Park

Why go to Wyoming when your own Yellowstone is waiting in Northern California?

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3. Immerse yourself in the Victorian charm of the old quarters in Eureka

This house is world famous as the Pink Lady. He has a very intriguing story. In the 1940's, for some time it belonged to a pair of German sisters, and then was arrested by the US government as Nazi property.

4. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada Alpine Lakes)

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Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the world. It has enough fluid to cover the entire state of California with 14 inches (35,5 cm) of water.

5. Come see or live in the small towns of the Sierra Foothills

Many people are retiring in the area, and after one visit to these friendly, charming places, it will be easy for you to understand why.

6. Come to see the Redwood Coast

There is nothing better than observing how the waves of the Pacific Ocean fall on the rocks, and above them are the ancient giant red forests.

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7. Visit the Gold Country

These hills, located in Amador County, contain a lot of history. In the 1800's, during the Gold Rush period, people literally flocked here, trying to get rich. It is important for any traveler and especially a local resident to know the history of these places.

8. Enjoy the beauty of the coast of Mendocino County

This area is often foggy, as it is very close to the ocean, but the additional humidity in the air provides year-round beauty for everyone.

9. Experience the splendor of Mount Shasta

This giant mountain exudes calm and unwavering. The mountain is surrounded mainly by flat terrain.

10. Listen to the sound of the Trinity River

The constant flow of water is a wonderful sound. You will feel relaxed whether you decide to go downstream or just sit by the river and listen to the noise.

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