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Carnival Offers 18-Day Japan Cruise: Very Rare

If you have long dreamed of visiting Japan, now is the time. The world's second largest cruise brand, Carnival Cruise, has announced that Carnival Panorama, with 4008 passengers, will make a one-time trip from Long Beach, California to Yokohama, Japan on August 22, 2024. Writes about it MSN.

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The journey will be unusually long for a Carnival Cruise - 18 nights. Passengers will make landfall in Alaska and Japan. The ship's route skirts the top of the Pacific Basin on its way to Yokohama.

Heading for the coast of Alaska, the ship will visit Ketchikan, Endicott Armfjord, Sitka and Cape Ice Strait. Calls to Japan will include the northern ports of Kushiro and Aomori. The itinerary includes 11 sailing days, as well as a scenic day at Endicott Arm.

There are currently no scheduled cruises for the ship for September 2024.

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After a month-long stay in Asia, Carnival Panorama will return to North America on another unusual itinerary for the company: a 25-day trans-Pacific journey from Singapore to Long Beach.

The last trip will start on October 12, 2024 and make stops in Phu My, Vietnam (Port of Ho Chi Minh City); Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia; Manila, Philippines; Guam; the islands of Oahu and Maui in Hawaii as the ship heads east across the Pacific to California.

Such long distance itineraries are extremely rare for Carnival, which is known for its focus on short cruises from US ports. Nearly all of the line's ships depart from ports in the United States. The only regular exception is the small number of ships deployed in Australia for cruises targeting the local market; from time to time the company offers single cruises from European ports.

Among the ships that Carnival is flying to Australia is the 3012-passenger Carnival Splendor, which will also operate two unusually long routes in 2024.

In addition to the Carnival Panorama long haul announcement, the company revealed that Carnival Splendor will make a 15-day journey from Sydney to Singapore on July 21, 2024, with two stops in Indonesia in addition to several stops in Australia.

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The ship will make a 16-night return voyage to Sydney on August 24, 2024, and will also make several stops in Indonesia.

An 18-day flight to Japan starts at $1979 per person before taxes and fees. The cost of a 25-day trip from Singapore to California is from $1359 per person.

Long flights to and from Singapore on Carnival Splendor will cost a minimum of $755 per person.

Reservations are available on link.

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