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Russian blogger received 5 years of colony for a tweet about police

The Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced Vladislav Sinitsa, a 30-year-old financial manager from the Moscow region town of Lyubertsy, to five years in a general regime colony. He was accused of inciting hatred and threats to use violence against relatives of security officials. The reason for initiating the case was one of Tit's posts on Twitter.

Photo: video screenshot YouTube / Channel One News

“The tit has committed actions aimed at inciting hatred and enmity,” judged Elena Abramova

The condemned himself stated that he would appeal the court decision. For this, Tit has 10 days.

The consideration of the Sinitsa case in court actually took one day - on Monday, September 2, in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, the prosecution and defense presented their evidence, then the arguments of the parties took place and the defendant delivered the last word.

The prosecutor requested that Sinitsa be appointed six years in prison.

The tweet, which led to the criminal prosecution, concerned the deanonymization of the security forces and the consequences that, in the opinion of Sinitsa, may be the families of law enforcement officials.

“They will look at cute happy family photos, study geolocation, and then the child of a valiant defender of law and order simply does not come from school one day. Instead of a child, a CD with a snuff video comes in the mail, "Titus tweeted.

Sinitsa himself categorically denies guilt in the crime imputed to him and says that the investigation took his words out of context. At the same time, he noted at the trial that “the style of publications should have been made less sharp, smoother.”

“We don't often have people leaving for one single tweet. I understand that public opinion in our country quickly adjusts, and I can afford to make myself a chop, but I cannot afford to make myself an extremist, ”he said during his last speech.

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Tit's defense asked for a punishment that would not isolate him from society. “I understand how you can treat these statements in a human way, but I have repeatedly made sure that this person is not what the investigation is trying to make him look like,” said Sinitsa's lawyer Denis Tikhonov, urging not to hand over his client “to public execution”.

“I don’t understand what I am accused of”

In court, a representative of the prosecutor's office read out several messages from a Twitter user named Max Steklov - this is the pseudonym of Sinitsa on the social network.

Basically, these are tweets about plans to participate in protests and about the security forces who worked at the protests, hiding their faces: according to the investigation, the messages contain signs of incitement to hatred towards law enforcement officers. In one of the tweets, which dealt with the identification of the police officers and the study of photographs with their family members, the investigation saw calls for violence and threats.

Sinitsa does not deny that he wrote a tweet, which became the reason for a criminal case, but insists that there are no calls in the recording - he only participated in the discussion of the topic of deanonymization.

“I really do not understand what I am accused of, I categorically deny guilt! It was never my intention to incite any hatred towards anyone ... I exclude the use of any violence. I believe that all my statements were taken out of context and interpreted by the investigating authority at least incorrectly, ”he said at the beginning of the meeting on Monday.

“The very fact that none of my recordings have been censored by the [Twitter”] administration suggests that they are free of incitement and incitement to hatred, ”added Sinitsa in his last word.

According to Sinitsa, he has been using his Twitter account for about four years, but he recently started writing actively about politics in it: “I confess that I have gone too far and in recent months there have been more publications about politics than before.”

Photo: video screenshot YouTube / Channel One News

A manager accused of extremism said that he was driven by a “desire to tell the public the truth”: “I would not like to see employees dragging people along the asphalt, I would like our country to be free from such a phenomenon,” Sinitsa said.

Opened the phone - saw the record

The charge against Tit is based on two examinations and testimonies of Rosguard employees. On Monday, 2 of September, two of them spoke in court.

“We were in uniform, but no masks. Repeatedly saw how I was photographed, now I am afraid ”, - told the court Russian Guard Alexander Andreev. According to him, he was on duty at the actions on July 27 and August 3.

“After work, I opened my phone and saw ... what this comrade was writing there ... Max Steklov ... well, appeals ... There, many wrote, under him. It put me on my guard, ”- during the meeting, he described his acquaintance with the Twitter of Sinitsa Andreev. - I began to worry about the fate of my daughter. There followed a call from a man under the nickname Max Steklov, a call to kidnap the children of the Russian Guard, with subsequent reprisals. "

“Can you name your Twitter account?” - Denis Tikhonov, Sinitsa's lawyer, asked.

“I cannot name, I can show you,” the witness replied dully. How exactly he found the tweet, which became the reason for the initiation of the case, is not completely clear: “I went to watch the news and saw”, “typed“ Max Steklov ”and saw”, “I just typed a search on Twitter, well, there is not only him, also Sobol, Navalny, I just read everything, ”Andreev explained confusedly.

Similar testimony was given by his colleague Artem Tarasov. According to Tarasov, he worked on the protests with an open face and he was also alarmed by the record of a user named Max Steklov.

It happened like this: on August 1, on the way to work, he opened Twitter and saw Max Steklov's post.

- What was there? - the prosecutor insistently asked the witness.

- About the fact that it is possible to find out the geolocation from a photograph ... kidnap and kill employees' children, - an employee of the National Guard recounted from memory.

- And in what form was it written, to whom was it addressed?

- This is to the staff of the National Guard ...

- This is about the children of employees, but who was this appeal to? - the representative of the prosecution did not give up.

- Just a message ...

Later, in a conversation with the defense, Tarasov changed his testimony and said that for the first time he saw a mention of this record on the Pikabu resource. The law enforcement officer could not answer the question where exactly in the center of Moscow he was on duty without a mask during the protests.

"And don't you remember any monuments in the center or any reservoirs?" - Tit asked from the glass cage.

“I don’t remember,” Tarasov agreed.

Three examinations with three different results

Calls for extremism or their absence in Tweets of the Titmouse were sought by three psychological and linguistic experts.

The first was carried out at the request of the investigation in early August by the Center for Sociocultural Expertise. As "Mediazona" recalled, he is known for having discovered in the slogan "Kill the slave in yourself" "a call to violence against yourself and change the existing order."

The investigation asked experts to study two dozen of Tit's tweets. The expert opinion of the Center for Sociocultural Expertise is the only one of the three studies that suggests that the blogger's posts contain “psychological and linguistic signs of motivation, including in the form of a call,” as well as signs of incitement to hostility.

The Tit Defense claims that the two authors of the document do not have the necessary qualifications.

The second expertise for the investigation was carried out by specialists of the institute of forensic science subordinate to the FSB. The authors of this study concluded that “in the texts on behalf of“ Max Steklov ”there are no calls for the implementation of violent actions against law enforcement officers and their relatives.”

However, the text of the post about the children of the security forces “can be perceived as an instruction (on the implementation of violent actions against the close relatives of law enforcement officers - children), primarily by persons prone to aggressive manifestations and experiencing negative feelings towards the current government,” says in the second study. Among the entries on Twitter of the Tit, experts also found statements aimed at inciting hatred.

The third expert examination, at the request of Sinitsa's lawyer, was carried out by the non-profit organization “Center for Forensic Examination and Research”. The authors of the examination assert that in the records of the financial manager from Lyubertsy there are neither calls to violence, nor attempts to incite hatred or enmity towards anyone; signs of calls, according to experts, are contained only in tweets about participation in protest actions.

“The content of the appeal: to go to Tverskaya and the Boulevard Ring and demand the observance of their rights; come to the rally this coming Saturday, "- said in the conclusion of experts from the" Center for Forensic Science and Research. "

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