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'Business does not forgive mistakes': how a Ukrainian founded a truck repair shop in the USA

Ukrainian immigrant Nazariy Panechevsky, together with partners, founded a truck repair shop in the suburb of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) called ASAP (As Soon As Possible). For almost seven years, the small workshop has turned into a real company. Edition Voice of America talked to a Ukrainian and learned about his journey to the USA.

“We serve at least 50 cars a week,” says Nazariy.

He knows the long-range business very well. After all, when he arrived in the United States, this was his first serious job. He says that such a business is very demanding and does not forgive mistakes. That is why the truck must always be technically sound, and the demand for good workshops is large.

“Many brokers are fined for being late, so everything should be of high quality and quickly,” Nazariy emphasizes.

Ukrainian IT specialist by education. When I opened the workshop, I had to understand both engines and computer diagnostics myself, and for the first few years I was generally responsible for changing wheels.

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“The first 4 years we didn’t earn anything. Everything was invested in the business. It happened that they took the car without paying, and then it turned out that we were in the red, ”recalls Nazariy.

Funds for the purchase of equipment had to be taken from the bank. Two simple machines for changing wheels and balancing then cost almost $ 40. Until now, a Ukrainian does many works in the workshop himself and does not refuse help where needed.

"A lot of work. America is a country of trucks, ”Nazariy is convinced.

Now the workshop employs 30 people, and most of them come from the countries of the former USSR. According to Nazariy, it is much easier to work with them than with the Americans.

“Another mentality. It happens that you need to stay late. We had a young local American working for us, so he never lingered. Even 15 minutes was not delayed if it was necessary to finish the work. It's easier with ours, ”Nazariy explains.

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Vasily Durkach senior mechanic in the workshop. When he came to the USA, he first repaired roofs, but paid little, so he decided to try his hand at being a mechanic.

“I am not a mechanic by profession, I am an economist. When I came here, I studied a lot. Most of the effort went into training. And there are no problems with work here. A person who wants to learn will achieve his goal, ”Vasily is convinced.

Durmanbek Shatmanov is a surgeon with many years of experience. I came to the USA from Kyrgyzstan to visit a friend. But soon he decided to stay and earn a little extra money.

“America is a rich country, the economy is well developed. And the one who works well earns the same, - says Shatmanov. - We all work here, pay well. Nobody offends anyone, we work together. "

For seven years, Nazar managed to significantly develop the business. The workshop is now valued at $ 6 million. One of the main advantages over its American competitors is the irregular opening hours and availability on weekends.

The only thing Nazarius complains about is that in this frantic rhythm there is no time for himself.

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