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Russian-speaking biologist in the USA spoke about the most dangerous places during the epidemic

Molecular biologist, professor at the GMU School of Systems Biology Ancha Baranova in an interview Voice of America spoke about important precautions in a big city, why Russia is following the American pandemic scenario, as well as coronavirus strokes and the protocol for recovery from illness.

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The biologist is convinced that the Russian dynamics of the distribution of coronavirus repeats New York. And this is due to the fact that most cases of infection are recorded in Moscow. She believes that the epidemic is now not in Russia, but in Moscow itself. This is due primarily to the increased number of storeys and the fact that a lot of people left Moscow immediately after the quarantine was announced and brought the virus to some small cities. Thus, the first infected ones overloaded the local health care system at a time when there were more resources in the big city to provide quality care. The situation in each individual locality in Russia will depend on how many infected people from big cities arrived at the beginning of quarantine.

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To the question of whether Baranova agreed with the results of recent studies, which showed that not all patients with coronavirus developed antibodies, and therefore immunity, the biologist answered:

“Not every antibody test really reflects the situation. Not because the manufacturers did something badly, but because all the tests are for different antigens. The actual tests began to be produced a month ago, and it takes time to scale up (production .- Ed.)“, - explains Baranova.

The expert suggests that it takes about a month for biologists to evaluate the quality of all tests and begin testing the population with equipment that shows the most accurate result. Then it will be possible to clearly answer the question of whether immunity is developed in those who have had COVID-19.

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Now scientists know for sure one thing - the more severe the disease passed, the stronger the immunity developed to coronavirus will be. And those who have had the disease asymptomatically are more likely to become infected again. In the latter case, interferon protection was triggered in patients - the human body got rid of the virus without developing antibodies, and therefore without developing immunity.

Ancha Baranova also noted that she was skeptical of the theory that genes affect the likelihood of infection with COVID-19... According to her, the strength of immunity, predisposition to diseases and the form of their course really depend on genes. But our behavioral characteristics play a much more important role - it depends on them whether we catch the virus.

The expert also commented on media information, according to which the United States wants to exclude mechanical ventilation (mechanical ventilation apparatus) from the protocol for the treatment of coronavirus due to the high mortality rate among patients. Ancha Baranova believes that it is not necessary to take such a radical approach to the issue and it is important to take into account the fact that mortality among people who were on mechanical ventilation in connection with any respiratory disease, including coronavirus, is 50%. The fact is that doctors resort to mechanical ventilation only in critical cases, when pulmonary edema has already formed. So, by default, such patients are on the verge of life and death.

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In addition, in the situation of a pandemic in the medical institutions themselves, a favorable environment is created for the development of “nosocomial” infections. And this greatly affects the number of deaths, because already seriously ill people can additionally pick up pathogenic infections that will defeat them.

The biologist spoke in detail about which protocol for getting out of the disease and treatment is now approved in the USA.

One of the most important steps is to restore the patient’s normal lung volume. This is achieved by long physiotherapeutic procedures and breathing exercises. The most important factor for a quick recovery is a good rest. This is important primarily because people who have had coronavirus are more likely to suffer a stroke, as a result of weakening the body. For this reason, doctors without fail prescribe rehabilitation therapy, which is universally used for rehabilitation after strokes.

What recommendations, according to the expert, it is important to consider for residents of large cities:

  • Avoid small enclosed spaces and take your own protection in them as seriously as possible. So, a cloud of exhaled air with particles of the virus can infect others on the staircase, in transport and in the elevator.
  • Personal protective equipment should be worn while leaving the apartment, and not on the street.
  • Do not neglect eye protection - wear safety glasses or masks with an eye shield

“The elevator is the most terrible place during a pandemic,” Ancha Baranova is convinced. A person gets out of the elevator, he stands, but the air in a small enclosed space also does not go anywhere, like a virus.

The expert also noted that patients in New York suffer from a different form of coronavirus than patients, for example, in Washington. The reason for this phenomenon is the different sources of the virus in the region. He got somewhere, mutating from Europe, somewhere - straight from Asia. These virological data will enable scientists to make a breakthrough in vaccine development and new ways to combat disease and its consequences.

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