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When a job is looking for you, not you for it: a demanded profession in the USA allows you to travel

During the pandemic, we all appreciated the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily life - as often as now, we have never washed or disinfected our hands. And in the field of medical services, cleanliness and sterility are not just the keys to success - in most cases it is a matter of the patient's life and death. Moreover, doctors understood this long before the pandemic. Therefore, more and more hospitals place instrument sterilization in the hands of separately certified medical instrument sterilization technicians. And all state governments support this initiative. Moreover, medical instrument sterilization technicians - like most medical professionals - are now in short supply in the United States, so they are welcomed to work in all states and are even invited to work as “traveling medics”.

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ForumDaily in partnership with Multiprep - Sterile Processing Technician Training School - explains what medical instrument sterilization specialists do and how to become one. As it turned out, this is an excellent profession for immigrants: you can master it in a couple of months, previous experience in medicine is not needed, and the salary is very pleasing.

Certificate Sterile Processing Technician as a tourist trip to the USA

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Tennessee require only certified professionals to sterilize instruments. Colorado, Massachusetts and Florida are in the process of implementing similar legislation. The rest of the states are still developing relevant bills, but legislative discussions on this topic are being conducted everywhere.

At the same time, all 50 US states are united by a shortage of sterilization specialists. The lack of a medical facility is ready to be filled by specialists from other states, so the owner of the certificate Sterile Processing Technician will not be left without a job. The demand for this position throughout the United States makes it possible to move closer to the parents; follow a loved one who has received an interesting offer in another state; or just try to live in a region that you have liked for a long time, but you all did not dare to move.

For the adventurous, there is another option - traveling medics. Due to a shortage of medical professionals in the United States, a travel nursing movement has developed. They move from state to state, working for several months at different hospitals where they are needed most. Starting with nurses, the movement has expanded to other health professionals, now can travel and sterilization techniques. If you have a thirst for adventure, and you don't really keep anything at home, then this option is perfect for you - work with good pay, career prospects (we will discuss this in detail below) and the opportunity to see the United States.

Who is a specialist in sterilization of medical instruments, and how to become one: answers to the most common questions

What are the responsibilities of a specialist in the sterilization of medical instruments (Sterile Processing Technician)?

The medical instrument sterilization specialist is responsible for the daily sterilization of surgical instruments and other medical supplies for reuse. This position is vital to the safety of patients and medical personnel, it requires strict adherence to sterilization processes. The rules for the correct handling of instruments can only be learned in a special course, so it is imperative that certified specialists do this, and not just nurses or nurses when they have free time.

Where can a sterilization specialist for medical instruments work?

Medical Instrument Sterilization Specialists (Sterile Processing Technician) are needed in almost all medical institutions: hospitals, surgical and outpatient centers, dental and outpatient clinics, etc.

This job is suitable even for those who are afraid of hospitals, blood, etc. The fact is that such specialists work in special sterilization departments, where they do not receive patients and do not perform procedures, therefore, no frightening pictures withspecialists in sterilization of medical instruments do not observe.

What is the salary of a Sterile Processing Technician in the USA?

The starting salary varies from state to state. For example, in New York, the average salary is $ 22-26 an hour. And on average in the US you can earn up to $ 57 thousand per year.

Are there any bonuses or other benefits besides the salary?

Most healthcare providers offer the following additional benefits when hiring medical instrument sterilization specialists:

  • medical insurance;
  • dental insurance;
  • ophthalmic insurance;
  • paid vacation and weekends on holidays;
  • paid sick leave;
  • maternity leave.

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Do u Sterile Processing Technician career prospects?

Yes! This is a career-oriented job. After 2-3 years of work, you can become a team leader and receive up to $ 75 per year or a shift supervisor with a salary of up to $ 000 per year. And those with a management education can eventually take the position of deputy director of the sterilization department and earn up to $ 90 a year.

How to Become a Medical Instrument Sterilization Specialist (Sterile Processing Technician) in USA?

Exam preparation course Sterile Processing Technician offers Multyprep school... The international certification exam organization does not require prior experience in medicine or medical education. You can come to the courses with a school certificate and after a few weeks pass the test for a professional certificate and start making good money. Moreover, all of this can be done online. Multiprep offers a 120 hour online course using the Zoom app that guides students through all stages of exam preparation on the sterilization process of medical instruments and equipment, and a certified instructor will answer all questions. The course is held in English, so at least an average level of proficiency in it is a must have. However, the teacher is Russian-speaking and, if necessary, will explain incomprehensible points in Russian. As a result, you will not only get a new specialty, but also improve your English.

Sterile Processing Technician's Course Multiprep lasts 6 or 8 weeks. If you can study only on Saturdays and Sundays, then the training will last 8 weeks, if you can allocate time for study on weekdays (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), then complete the course in 6 weeks. Each student receives the latest edition of a book published by the company (which conducts certification tests) and access to a huge number of additional resources on the Internet, including over 700 practice questions for practice before the test. In addition, students will be professional resume, prepare for interviews and help in employment.

For those who cannot yet absorb new information in English or are not confident in their abilities, but do not want to postpone the opportunity to get a profession in demand in America, Multyprep has a Sterile Processing Technician course in Russian. The school even has teaching materials in Russian. At the same time, all the main professional terms in the Russian-language course are still voiced by the teacher in English, so that each student can then understand and correctly answer the questions of the certification test. For details, call Multyprep at 917-945-9506 or write:

Course schedule:

January 8 2022 years the weekend course starts. Students will engage on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 15:00 within 8 weeks. You can register here, by phone + 1 917 945 9506 or by mail

February 7 In 2022, the course starts on weekdays. Students will study on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:17 to 00:6 for XNUMX weeks. You can register here, by phone + 1 917 945 9506 or by mail

Special price until January 7 - EARLY BIRDS SPECIAL - $ 950! (with the standard cost of the course $ 1300). This cost includes a 120-hour course, study materials, over 1000 certification test questions, help with creating a professional resume and interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

You can register here, by phone +1 917 945 9506 or by mail

How difficult is the certification test for medical instrument sterilization specialist?

The Sterile Processing Technician certification test is no easy task. You need to answer 150 questions within 3 hours. More than 80% of Multyprep students take the test on the first try. Those who did not succeed the first time can re-pass course at Multyprep at no extra charge.

Student reviews of Multyprep

“A year ago I completed the Sterile Processing Technician courses and passed the Interim CRCST exam in May 2020. However, since then, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I still could not find a job in my specialty, or at least a volunteer position to work the 400 hours required to obtain a permanent CRCST certificate. Recently I decided to contact Galina (we are talking about the owner of the Multyprep school, Gela Kotlyar. - Ed.) And find out if she can help me in finding a job in this specialty. She helped me tweak my resume and sent it off to a company that just hires technicians, including people with no practical experience like my situation. The very next day they wrote to me and assigned an interview, then the second. A couple of days later, they sent me a job offer at a major hospital in Manhattan. Until recently, I could not even dream of such a quick and positive result, after all the fruitless attempts to find a job in this area. Once again, many thanks to Galina for her help and support in this matter! " - shared Jakangir.

“Multyprep is a great school. The director and teacher are helpful, friendly people who do their best to make sure you understand everything and complete the course successfully. The adaptation process is very simple. Lesson planning is also very flexible. They will help you find a place for 400 hours of practice. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to become a Certified Registered Central Service Technician! ” - noted graduate Olesya.

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Multiprep Inc.

phone:+1 917 945 9506

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