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Belarus closes borders to exit, citing coronavirus

The Belarusian authorities are introducing a temporary ban on leaving the country through ground border points. This is reportedly done to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. with the BBC.

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A message about this appeared on the National Legal Internet Portal of Belarus. The ban will take effect after 10 days.

The resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus prescribes to temporarily suspend the crossing of the state border for exit by citizens of Belarus, as well as foreigners who have a permit for permanent or temporary residence in the country.

Restrictions will apply at road border points, railway stations and river ports.

It is reported that travel abroad is allowed in emergency cases, as well as for certain categories of citizens.

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The ban does not apply to diplomats, official delegations, drivers of international road transport, crews of aircraft and ships, train crews, business travelers and some other categories.

It will be allowed to leave, in particular, Belarusians on notification of a serious illness or death of a family member or close relative, as well as those leaving on medical orders.

Some other categories of citizens are also indicated in the decree.

Foreigners arriving in Belarus will need to have a certificate confirming a negative test result for COVID-19.

More than 150 thousand cases of infection

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, more than 1,6 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the country per day, 7 people died. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, COVID-19 has been found in more than 150,6 thousand people, over 1,2 thousand infected have died.

The country's authorities intend to spend 50 million Belarusian rubles (almost $ 20 million) on the purchase of 2 million doses of the vaccine, Belta news agency reported citing the Ministry of Finance.

“We will be able not only to form collective immunity in society, but also to significantly save money in order for these resources to be used to equip and strengthen the health care system as a whole,” the agency quotes a representative of the department.

COVID-19 caused the death of the first independent Prime Minister of Belarus Vyacheslav Kebich. He was the main opponent of Alexander Lukashenko in the country's first presidential elections in 1994.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Belarus did not impose strict quarantine restrictions, and the country's President Alexander Lukashenko said that he did not see a big problem in the coronavirus.

“Wash your hands often. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I am a non-drinker, but lately I have been jokingly saying that one should not only wash one's hands with vodka, but, probably, a day with 40-50 grams in terms of pure alcohol to poison this virus. But not at work, ”he said in mid-March.

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In mid-April, the Belarusian president said that coronavirus patients do not die from COVID-19.

“In our country, not a single person has died from the coronavirus. No one! They died from a bunch of chronic diseases that they had, ”Lukashenka explained. - This is cardiovascular failure, respiratory pulmonary failure. Included. And diabetes. And then there are such diagnoses that I can't even read. And the coronavirus is being added. ”

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