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Biden sent $ 1,8 billion in aid to Ukraine - his son received millions of dollars from a company associated with the government

Peter Schweitzer, President of the Government Accountability Institute and Senior Editor of Breitbart News, recalled how Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s second son, received millions of dollars from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings when his father, as Vice President of the Barack Obama administration, sent $ 1,8 billion to help Ukraine. He writes about it Breitbart.

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The journalist remembered this story during the SiriusXM's Breitbart News news release, led by Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollack.

Schweizer said: “I think there is a deeper problem that Joe Biden faces. There is a fact that his family, especially his son, cashed out money while he was the vice president of the United States. ”

John Solomon, a journalist for The Hill, wrote that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from Burisma Holdings, when in 2015, he was appointed to the board of directors of this company.

Bank records showthat Hunter Biden's American company Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC regularly received transfers of more than $ 160 thousand per month. The money came from Burisma from the spring of the year 2014 to the autumn of the year 2015. During this period, Biden was the main official in the United States, who led the Ukrainian question.

The official dossier, which was transmitted by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, states that Hunter Biden, business partner Devon Archer and their firm Rosemont Seneca are considered potential recipients of the money.

В a letter to an American journalist Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin wrote that before he was dismissed from the post of Prosecutor General, he developed a “concrete plan” of the investigation, which included “interrogations and other procedures for investigating the crime of all members of the Executive Council of Burisma, including Hunter Biden”.

“Earlier, we talked about the deals he made with the Chinese government. And his son, Hunter Biden, made a big deal in Ukraine. In Ukraine, an energy company called Burisma was implicated, which is controlled by a very corrupt organization headed by the oligarch Nikolai Zlochevsky, who has ties to the pro-Russian ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, ”says Schweitzer.

“The bottom line is that Joe Biden was the Obama administration's chief of policy toward Ukraine. He channeled $ 1,8 billion in aid to the Ukrainian government, while his son struck a deal with Burisma - which we were able to track in just 14 months. The company paid $ 3,1 million to Hunter Biden's account, ”notes Schweitzer.

He also says that Hunter does not have experience in energy companies and work on the board of directors.

“There really is no legitimate explanation as to why he made a deal with this energy company, other than the fact that his father was responsible for giving money to Ukraine,” the journalist says.

He suggests that this is a big problem, and it concerns "the issue of corruption and the potential payments and bribes that foreign organizations brought to Biden in exchange for the fact that they could hope for a favorable attitude towards them."

The investigation of Robert Muller did not reveal a "conspiracy" between Donald Trump and the Russian state, but now, according to the journalist, the actual financial relations between the Biden family and Ukraine should be investigated.

Schweitzer said: "There is much more evidence of the collusion of Joe Biden or even the Clintons with foreign powers than Donald Trump."

He added: “There are no questions. Bidens got a lot of money - millions of dollars - from these foreign powers. Hunter Biden had no legal basis for a deal. He was just unqualified. ”

“Biden is using US government taxpayer resources for his family's personal gain. He was a representative of the Obama administration in Ukraine and traveled to this country about 17 times during his tenure as vice president, which is quite surprising, ”the journalist emphasizes.

He also considers it suspicious that a couple of days before Trump's inauguration, Biden was in Ukraine. “Biden’s influence was enormous, and it makes one wonder how he used or abused state power and what Ukrainians and Hunter Biden have in common.”

The journalist believes that Biden’s actions should be investigated.

Another suspicious episode, Schweitzer calls Hunter’s collaboration with China. “In December 2013, he flew to China with his father, and ten days later his company made a deal with $ 1 billion in private equity with the Chinese government.”

He stresses that Hunter’s company had no experience of working with China.

“Not only do we see the money coming from the Chinese and the Ukrainians in the account, there is another $ 1,2 million that we cannot track. They were deposited into a Swiss bank account that is involved in money laundering in ten countries. Another $ 145 came from the son of the former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan. This country is also corrupt. Ukraine and China are not isolated cases ”.

Schweizer assumes that Biden monetized his vice presidential full-power.

Hunter Biden also served on the board of directors of Bohai Harvest RST, a little-known private equity firm that received $ 1,5 billion in investment from the Chinese government.

“This was the first financial deal with the Chinese government to move assets to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. So, JP Morgan did not have such a deal, Goldman Sachs did not have such a deal. The only firm that closed this deal was a small boutique firm that was founded several years ago by the son of the vice president, ”says the journalist.

Recall earlier ForumDaily wrote in detail about the scheme by which the authorities in Ukraine corrupted the American Democrats, in particular Joe Biden, and influenced the US elections in favor of Clinton.

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