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Architecture firm unveils inflatable skyscrapers: what they look like

Architecture firm Zumo has posted some breathtaking photos of inflatable skyscrapers on its Instagram, which it claimscompany's vision are environmentally friendly. What kind of buildings are these, figured out the publication Interesting Engineering.

Photo: IStock

“Imagine towering skyscrapers rising like colossal balloons, transforming city skylines with their awe-inspiring presence. Introducing a revolutionary inflatable skyscraper concept that combines architectural marvels and sustainable innovation,” the image caption reads.

Balloon-like structures are not yet real. At the moment they are something made up by Midjourney. But soon they may become a reality.

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The illustrations show skyscrapers hovering over cities from New York to Tokyo and from London to Dubai. They appear to be built with lightweight and flexible materials and are environmentally friendly, according to the firm.

Zumo doesn't give details on how these innovations will be green if they ever come, but imagine that they can be easily dismantled for reuse elsewhere if the need arises.

They represent a future in which our buildings can rise above the horizon without leaving a devastating carbon footprint. These inflatable skyscrapers are designed not only for the construction of tall buildings, but also for ecological construction.

Architects may want to take inspiration from the Shanghai Tower, a prime example of the necessary steps architects must take to create energy efficient buildings. Completed in 2015, the Shanghai Tower is currently the second tallest building in the world and has the highest energy rating - LEED Platinum - despite towering above the Shanghai skyline.

The skyscraper uses advanced technology and design to reduce its environmental impact. Its unique shape and design can effectively withstand wind loads, saving 20 metric tons of steel reinforcement in its construction.

It boasts, among other things, a huge dependence on clean renewable energy, which significantly reduces consumption and emissions. This is a landmark success in China, where pollution and energy consumption have been devastating and worrying for decades.

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Could these new inflatable structures follow in the tower's footsteps? Will they introduce green energy and innovative building methods to reduce emissions from their construction?

For now, these towers remain just a dream: a few carefully crafted images that offer hope for improvement. However, in the future they may become a reality.

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