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American Slang: 20 Useful Phrases to Borrow from Popular Movies

Our speech can be supplemented with a list of phrases overheard or spied on from American films to make it more expressive and lively, advises "Voice of America".

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Here is a list of 20 useful phrases stolen from movies that can show off during a conversation and make a moment of communication bright:

1. Freaking Out - lose your temper, lose your composure, go crazy, freak out

Noelle is in there freaking out because you left - Noelle is going crazy there because you left.

2. We're Toast - everything is gone; we're finished; "Smells fried"

We need an adorable poster campaign by Friday, or we're toast - We need a cute advertising poster by Friday, or we're done.

3. Give him a break - give a chance

Give him a break, Zakia - Give him a chance, Zakia!

4. Jack up the price - to jack up the price

The jack stores up the prices this time of year - Stores are raising prices this time of year.

5. Fishing around - search everywhere, scour in search

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So Joanna starts fishing around for an invite to the museum, while Monique starts coming on to the guard - So Joanna starts scouring all over the place to get an invitation to the museum, while Monique flirts with the guard.

6. Something fishy - something is unclean, something is wrong here

We figure Abby noticed something fishy when she was getting chemo at your clinic - Apparently, Abby noticed something wrong while undergoing chemotherapy with you.

7. Set things right - fix everything

But bringing home MacLeish - This is a way to set things right - But bringing home MacLeish is the way to make things right.

8. Let you down - let someone down

I know I let you down, and I'm really sorry - I'm sorry that I let you down.

9.I am dead meat - I have a cover, I am a dead man

If he finds these two before we do, they're dead meat - If he finds these two before we do ... they're dead.

10. Swallow your pride - step over your pride

You'd rather sacrifice your students than swallow your pride and admit that someone found a better way to teach them - You'd rather sacrifice your students than step over your pride and admit that someone has found a better way to teach them.

11. Felt like I belonged - feel yourself

Our dinner table was the first table where I felt like I belonged - Our family meal was the first place where I felt like I belonged.

12. Clean slate - clean slate, clean board

You're being offered a fresh start, a clean slate, a do-over - You are offered a new start, a clean slate, a new start.

13. Time bomb - time bomb

Triple A is a time bomb - Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta - a time bomb.

14. Put your foot down - decide, take a firm stand

Well, it seems like you really decided to put your foot down about this - I see you have already decided everything for yourself.

15. Make your case - prove your case

And by the way, you've cherry-picked the facts to make your case - By the way, you have carefully selected the facts to prove your case.

16. Cooked up - cook up

Which is basically entirely an idea cooked up by people who manufacture those horrible frozen Yorkshire puddings.

17. Stand on its own - stand on your own feet, rely on your own strength, rely on yourself

We believe that Timor-Leste can and should stand on its own - We believe that Timor-Leste can and should stand on its own two feet.

18. Make it count - make something happen, be counted

We may only get one shot, so make it count - We only have one shot, so make it count.

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19. Get her digits - ask for her phone number

So he plucked up the courage and asked for her digits - Plucked up courage and asked for her number.

20. White collar crime - crimes committed by government officials

The following year, an Identity Theft Subcommittee of the Attorney General's White Collar Crime Committee was created - The following year, an Identity Theft Subcommittee was created under the Attorney General's Committee on Malfeasance.

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