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American Universities Offer Scholarships to Ukrainians: Where to See Programs and How to Apply

University of Pennsylvania (Russian and East European Studies) invites graduates of Ukrainian higher education institutions to apply for an annual scholarship.

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The scholarships will provide free access to University of Pennsylvania courses and programs (non-degree credits where applicable), living allowance, health insurance, and visa application support. Students will be placed at the Department of Russian and East European Studies.

The program invites students with disciplinary emphases in Anthropology, Art History, Demography, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, History, International Business Studies, International Relations, Energy Policy, Jewish Studies, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, Literary and Cultural History, Medieval Studies, Political Science and sociology (if your field is not listed, please specify). A limited number of scholarships are available.

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You can email your application to Program Director Kevin M. F. Platt ( for more information.

The application material should include, where possible:

  • Summary.
  • A copy of your passport (i.e. a copy of the page with your personal details and photo).
  • Transcript (with your university logo): You must provide an official transcript signed by the appropriate authority of your university.
  • Personal Statement: A short (up to two pages) personal statement explaining your educational aspirations and interests, your current situation and needs.
  • At least one, and preferably two letters of support from mentors or leaders.
  • Also fill out the form link.

It is understood that applicants may not be able to provide all of the above materials. Incomplete applications will be accepted.

It is recommended to apply as soon as possible. Their consideration will begin after May 20. Applications submitted after this date will be accepted, but may not be considered for the scholarship, depending on the level of interest.

Also Miami Herbert establishes Ukrainian business scholarships for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

These scholarships are made possible by generous donations from sponsors who wish to remain anonymous.

In an effort to support those who suffered from the war in Ukraine, University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School will provide two full-time graduate scholarships - one for the full-time MBA program and one for a specialized master's program - starting as early as August 2022 for qualified graduate students.

“The lives of many students who could bring innovative ideas and knowledge to the global business community have been disrupted,” said John Quelch, dean of Miami Herbert. “And as an international business school with a sense of global responsibility, we welcome the opportunity to offer tangible assistance to two qualified graduate students displaced by the recent events in Ukraine.”

With the establishment of these scholarships, the sponsors hope to revolutionize the personal and professional trajectory of highly deserving international students.

“Miami Herbert’s efforts to help foreign students affected by the war in Ukraine mean a lot to me,” says Margarita Sinko, a Miami Herbert senior student of Ukrainian origin. "Education has always been the key to a better life and it's great that Miami Herbert and the sponsors want to help students with their education, especially after what they've been through."

Scholarships are open to qualified graduate students, including those recently displaced due to the war in Ukraine. To qualify for these scholarships, applicants must be eligible for admission to Full-time MBA Program Miami Herbert or one of her specialized master's programsstarting from August 2022.

For more information on Miami Herbert Specialized Master's Programs, click here. For information about the Full-time MBA Program page, click here.

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Those interested in applying for this scholarship or interested in supporting the Ukrainian Business Graduate Scholarship Fund may contact Cecilia Sanchez (, International Relations Manager at Miami Herbert.

Other scholarships for Ukrainians: where to look

In the USA there were hundreds of scholarships for Ukrainians. They can be found here.

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