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American built an underground skyscraper in case of the apocalypse: all apartments have already been sold out

A former government contractor, now a prepper, sells houses in case of the apocalypse. It transforms old rocket silos into upside-down skyscrapers where the rich and famous can survive the apocalypse. The publication told about this in more detail. The Sun.

Larry Hall, 64, began development of his first Survival Condo in downtown Kansas in 2010, but after a surge in interest during the pandemic, he now has several more properties in development in the US, Europe and Asia.

Hall said that the idea was born after the 11/XNUMX attacks. At the time, he was an Internet business entrepreneur with experience in the design and construction of computer data centers.

At first, Larry thought about buying and converting Cold War missile silos into nuclear-protected data centers for the world's largest companies, but the idea turned out to be unviable, so he "decided to protect people instead."

Hall acquired its first mine, the Atlas F. ICBM Mine, for $ 300 in 000.

He spent the next several years and more than $ 20 million transforming the place into a modern 15-story fully self-sufficient underground metropolis, 201 feet (61 m) deep, capable of accommodating up to 75 people for at least five years.

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“The goal is to protect residents from a range of threats that could end the entire world, from nuclear war to pandemic, meteorite strike and civil unrest,” explained the entrepreneur. "These are luxurious, nuclear-protected bunkers that are designed to protect everyone, both physically and mentally."

Nuclear Resistant Bunker

The mine itself is designed to withstand the explosion of a 20 kiloton nuclear warhead within a half-mile radius. This is similar to the size of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

As part of his restoration project, Hall installed special nine-foot (2,7 m) thick concrete walls that, in the event of a thermonuclear attack, can sag a few inches, but not break when the shock wave hits them.

“The stability of the Survival Condo is very impressive,” said Larry Hall. “In addition, the building has all the high-tech gadgets, such as life support systems. There are five different power systems, a wind turbine capable of powering the entire facility, two diesel generators, each of which can also power the entire facility. The building is connected to the grid and there is a battery backup system. Diesel fuel will be enough to work only on it for two and a half years. "

The property's living quarters and amenities are equally impressive.

The original Survival Condo contains 14 separate living spaces ranging from hotel-style suites of 900 square feet (82 sq m) at $ 500 to 000 square feet (3600 sq m) multi-level penthouses for $ 335 million. they are already sold out.

Each unit is equipped with a modern kitchen and bathroom, as well as "virtual windows" - a projection on the wall, which provides a retransmitted video image of the outside world.

Prices may be higher for potential residents looking to change their home.

For example, one Saudi Arabian customer decided to install an underground mosque as well as a hidden underground helicopter stand connected by a tunnel to his apartment, Hall said.

Calm underground

Outside of their lavish living quarters, the bunker dwellers have no shortage of activities in terms of recreation.

On 15 floors, there is a 75-meter swimming pool, a luxury spa and sauna, a cinema, a lobby, a gym, a climbing wall, a golf course, an indoor shooting range and even a dog park.

There is a fully equipped classroom, a large supermarket, a medical center, and an aquaponics laboratory where the hideout dwellers can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

The bunker already has enough food and water to live there for more than five years, Hall said. The Survival Condo is home to a reverse osmosis plant capable of producing up to 10 gallons (000 L) of fresh water daily.

“If residents want, they can bring their own food,” Hall said. - There are freezers for this. For example, if we're going to be locked out for seven years, we could bring seven turkeys with us to keep them for Thanksgiving. ”

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Every element of the bunker's design was created under the guidance of a leading psychologist to ensure that the underground community can function well in times of external turmoil and chaos.

Explaining the importance of maintaining the psychological well-being of residents, Hall explained, “It is very important that we have hired a psychologist who has worked on the Biosphere projects with Arizona State University. She is a consultant to NASA and the European Space Agency on this matter. She was hired to tell us what to do in this situation. After all, if you have an abundance of free time, then you need to occupy it with something, otherwise depression may develop. Some people call it indoor fever, but basically you just turn off and stop functioning properly. "

Hall said that socialization between residents will be encouraged to avoid social surrender inside the bunker, and children will continue to attend school during any extended isolation.

In this regard, he asked, but did not force, residents to work at least four hours a day, performing various tasks - from helping to grow food to ensuring safety at work or helping with maintenance to maintain morale.

Volunteers periodically changed jobs in order to guarantee, they say, "no one will feel that they have not coped with the task or received a task that is inferior to another."

Sales spike

When Hall first began development on the Survival Condo over a decade ago, he said that some critics had "vulgarized" his vision and thought he was crazy for taking on such a task.

Sales were very slow in the beginning, and very few seemed willing to shell out millions on a contingency plan with no apparent or specific impending threat to life as we know it.

But in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and as bizarre weather conditions began to occur more frequently and political tensions around the world continue to heat up, Hall said attitudes towards him and the Survival Condo have changed dramatically in recent months.

“We've seen a real surge lately,” he said. “Every time there is a major disaster, be it the Fukushima earthquake that destroyed Japan’s nuclear reactors, or Russia advancing on the border with Ukraine, we see a surge of interest.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a cornerstone,” he stressed. - It was a real discovery for people. Already millions have died from the virus and we have all seen how quickly the world can change. "

Some who were once a critic are now crediting Hall with foresight of the chaos of recent years, he said.

“Many people realized and weighed everything, because they had to spend all this time in isolation at home, without any activity. But here they could swim in the indoor pool, climb rocks, go to the gym, play the puck on the ice arena, and the children could play with other children - they could go to school and study in a real class. There will definitely be a different mood after COVID-19, '' Hall continued. "The set of questions I'm being asked is taking a much smarter turn."

According to him, the change in attitudes led to a direct increase in business.

The increased demand prompted the entrepreneur to begin construction of another mine in the United States - at this time it is not yet completed.

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While the original Survival Condo was about 54 square feet (000 sq. M), the new building will be nearly three times larger, meaning it will occupy 5 square feet (016 thousand sq. M). At this time, about half of the apartments have already been sold.

Several more bunkers are in the early planning stages. Some of them will be over half a million square feet (nearly 153 square meters), Hall said.

For those who wish to purchase their own bunker, you should know: prices start at $ 40 million.

Currently, none of the residents of the original Survival Condo reside at the base permanently, but during the pandemic, some residents and their families spent several weeks or even more than a month here.

Everyone who lived there thanked Hall, they say, they are "so glad that they have a survival apartment to return to."

Describing life inside the bunker, the prepper (literally "survivalist") called it "a pleasant surprise."

Everyone who spends their first night here is pleasantly surprised: “Guys, have you pumped me up? What happened? ”, Because they slept like they never had in their lives.

“Since we have protection, radio waves and other waves cannot pass through the bunker. Everything we do will be cell phone signal, Wi-Fi and other similar things that are generated internally, but externals do not reach here, and this for some reason affects your ability to sleep.

“My wife and son can’t always wait for summer, because they come here to stay here, and they say that we can finally keep quiet a little,” concluded Larry Hall.

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