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Americans throw out an amazing amount of food

You decide to lose weight and eat more healthy foods. You go to the store and buy all the necessary fruits and vegetables. Then it turns out that you are too busy to cook, and most of the food remains in the fridge, until you throw it away, writes USA Today.

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Every day, Americans throw out 150 thousands of tons of food - about one pound per person - and most of all people who eat healthy food throw out. Such conclusions were made by researchers at the US Department of Agriculture, the universities of Vermont and New Hampshire.

The study also says that 30 million acres of land is used to produce discarded food — about 7% of the country's total agricultural area, 4,2 trillion gallons of irrigation water, 1,8 billion pounds of nitrogen fertilizers and 780 million pounds of pesticides.

The findings, published in the journal PLOS ONE, say that Americans are not serious about wasting food. This is the worst indicator in the world.

“Higher quality diets include the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are simply thrown away by consumers in large quantities. A healthy diet should be beneficial and we should be more mindful about food waste, ”said study co-author Meridith Niles from the University of Vermont.

Researchers encouraged consumers to use healthy food diets, but to reduce food waste.

“Increasing knowledge of how to prepare and store fruits and vegetables can be one practical solution to this problem,” Niles said.

Note that the organization Endless Generosity, engaged in the delivery of food to needy residents, will hold in New York charity concert "Jazz for Cause".

Pensioners and low-income families cannot always afford enough food, which affects their physical and social well-being. These people do not just need food, they deserve good food and support from the community. The mission of the organization is “Saving Lives by Saving Food”.

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