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America from the inside: 6 things that are silent

All over the world there is a perception that life in the USA is a gift from heaven. If you get to the USA, then everything - your problems are solved! You're lucky for the rest of your life. And indeed, this approach had the right to exist earlier. After all, by and large, a few decades ago it was exactly that. But life goes on and the world changes.

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Therefore, to continue to turn the same disc with laudatory odes to the United States is far from being as justified and true as many would like. I wanted to find out what America is inside and what the media are silent about.

Currently, the United States continues to be the largest player in the political, financial, economic and military arenas of the world. But this is only a view from the outside, but, as a rule, to determine the state of health of the patient, a cursory external examination is clearly not enough - you must know what is inside him

In the opinion of many immigrants who are currently living in the United States, or who have returned from there, the American dream has long turned into a parody of itself.
You can try to dig deeper here.

1. Goodbye friendliness

If earlier the friendliness and openness of the Americans was their calling card, now we can hardly speak about it in all seriousness. A huge number of migrants, both from the countries of the Middle East and from African countries, have not allowed an ordinary American to communicate openly and relaxedly in the majority of cases with the first person on the street. Happy and relaxed look except children.

2. Health and Medicine

Well, this is a separate topic. Medical care in the United States, if you do not have insurance, is something with something ... In general, in this case it is better not to hurt at all, because only the treatment of one tooth can result in an astronomical sum of about a thousand dollars. Like this!

3. Life beyond its means is another scourge of modern America.

Every American is so indebted that even for us in Russia, where lending is already quite well developed, it is difficult to imagine such a scale. Loans are taken by the Americans all the time. Life is completely on credit there does not bother anyone. However, sooner or later, any loan will have to be repaid, and that’s when the difficulties for the residents of the United States begin.

4. Education is a sad subject.

About 14% of the adult population of America cannot read at all. How do you like it? Even for a “backward” Russia, this is crazy. And nevertheless ... And unfortunately, there are not very good rumors about the quality of education in the USA.

5. The prison system in America is a money making ground

It is difficult to name it in another way, given that it is a trifling matter to go to jail in the United States. In prison, inmates are practically free labor, which produces a huge variety of products for various corporations. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners are an example of this.

6. Malnutrition has not gone anywhere

Improper nutrition, which leads to obesity and heaps of sores. The United States is in 1st place in the world in terms of overweight of its citizens. This is due to the active commitment of the majority of the population to fast food.

Although lately this, unfortunately, has become relevant for us in Russia. But no matter how fast food manufacturers advertise their products, the result is obvious - this is the appearance of the vast majority of Americans. So, obese men in the USA - 33%, women - 35%, children - 32%, every third American is overweight.

Although for the sake of truthfulness, it is worth noting that there are also charms in the USA. In many areas, Americans are still ahead of the rest. Therefore, there is something to learn from them.

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