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Sharks and accidents: the beach in Florida was recognized as the most dangerous in the US

Florida's beaches are generally considered to be some of the best in the US. But, nevertheless, several coastal areas specially designed for swimming in this state have recently been ranked among the most dangerous to visit in the country. Writes about it WFLA.

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Travel company Travel Lens recently studied the number of deaths in the surf area, the number of shark attacks and the number of hurricanes to find out which beach is the most dangerous to visit.

Travel Lens data shows that seven of the 10 "deadliest" beaches are in Florida.

Topping the list is New Smyrna Beach. A travel website reports that New Smyrna Beach has had more shark attacks than others, with 32 in total.

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Cocoa Beach and Ormond Beach round out the top three. Cocoa Beach had the second highest number of deaths in the surf area, equal to the number of shark attacks, with just seven.

Ormond Beach rounded out the top three with eight surf area deaths and four shark attacks since 2010.

10 deadliest beaches in the US according to Travel Lens:

  1. New Smyrna Beach, Florida (Hazard 8,14)
  2. Cocoa Beach, Florida (Hazard 7,57)
  3. Ormond Beach, Florida (hazard rating 7,48)
  4. Panama City Beach, Florida (Hazard 7,16)
  5. Myrtle Beach, SC (hazard rating 6,61)
  6. Melbourne Beach, Florida (hazard rating 6,35)
  7. Jacksonville Beach, Florida (hazard rating 6,02)
  8. Oak Island, North Carolina (hazard rating 5,54)
  9. Gulf Shores, Alabama (hazard 5,38)
  10. Fort Lauderdale, Florida (hazard 5,37)

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To stay safe, you must swim in designated areas under the supervision of lifeguards and always swim with a buddy. You should definitely check the weather forecast for safety in the surf area before heading to the beach.

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