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9 discounts and bonuses from Amazon Prime, which many do not know

Subscribing to Amazon Prime brings such a huge amount of discounts and bonuses that many customers simply do not have time to keep track of them.

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Edition USA Today gathered a list of little-known profitable opportunities that this Amazon Prime provides.

1. Big Discounts at Whole Foods

Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $ 13,7 billion in 2017 year, wanting to enter the retail system not only on the Internet, but also in physical stores. Amazon Prime members have an extra 10% discount on products with yellow price tags at Whole Foods.

You can also get a refund of 5% of the money you spent at Whole Foods using Visa Amazon Prime Rewards.

2. Ability to watch thousands of movies without Wi-Fi

Many Amazon Prime subscribers do not even know that they have the right to download movies from the Amazon library. Movies from Prime Video can be downloaded to compatible mobile devices, including tablets and phones on Android and iOS.

After you find the movie you want to download, open the video information. After that, click "Download" and enjoy watching this movie at any time. Note that for a TV show, you need to select the episode that you want to download, and then click on the download icon (down arrow).

3. Refund with Reload

Amazon Prime subscribers can use Prime Reload. With its help, they can get a refund of 2% of money spent on purchases if they first load funds into their account on Amazon using a debit card linked to their account.

For example, you can load $ 500 into your Amazon account using the Reload program, and get the opportunity to spend 510 dollars.

4. Free book to choose editor every month

Amazon Prime Reading First Reads gives you the opportunity to get a free book every month. You can access Prime Reading through a Kindle e-reader or through a Kindle application.

First Reads offers six books selected by the editor, and Amazon Prime subscribers have the right to download one of them for free every month. The list of books available for this program is updated monthly.

5. Product samples and discounts

Amazon's Sample Box program offers sample-specific sample packaging and credits for buying these products to members of Amazon Prime.

For example, Amazon offers a deluxe skincare set that includes perfume, exfoliating gel, moisturizer, and skin serum for $ 19,99. You can try everything in the box, and you can also get a $ 19,99 credit to purchase these products - all or one of them, whichever you like.

Amazon offers a wide variety of samples on trial.

6. Delivery to your car

Fraudsters often steal Amazon parcels delivered to customers. Therefore, the company has developed a new service Amazon Key In-Car Delivery, offering delivery of goods to cars.

The program works with supported vehicle models, including 2015 models of the year or newer cars from Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Volvo, which have an active OnStar service. You can set up an option in the car using the Amazon Key app. Amazon couriers will leave your package in the car if it is parked in an accessible place.

7. Clothes fitting

Amazon Prime Wardrobe allows you to use your own home as a dressing room. Prime Wardrobe allows you to choose from 3 to 8 items of clothing that you want to try on. Amazon will deliver the selected items to you, after which you will have a week to try them on. After this time, you can choose what suits you, and pay for these goods, and return the rest of things to Amazon.

8. Free delivery of purchases from several sites

Amazon Prime allows customers to get free delivery of products purchased not only on, but also on the Woot, Shopbop and East Dane portals.

9. Free magazines, podcasts and audiobooks

Here's how to get free reading and listening materials through Amazon Prime membership:

  • Magazines: Amazon Prime Reading is your source for free access to popular magazines including Vogue, Bon Appetit, Popular Mechanics, Esquire, and Better Homes & Gardens. Just visit the Prime Reading page to browse the magazines that are available for free reading.
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks: Audible is the Amazon division best known for audiobooks, but Amazon also uses it to provide a service called Audible Channels where podcasts can be accessed for free. You will need to download the Audible app to get started with channels. Open the app, click on the menu and select Channels for Prime, which will open the available podcasts and audiobooks in front of you.

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