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9 retailers who pay you for used goods

Do you know this golden rule? If you have not worn or used the thing for a year, then it's time to get rid of it.

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Of course, this is not always easy, because many items have sentimental value or you just feel sorry for the money spent on them. But there are many retail stores ready to buy used goods from you. This will allow to reimburse part of their cost.

We bring to your attention companies that will pay you cash or provide store credit for your items from jackets and golf clubs to books and electronics.

  1. Amazon

Products eligible for Amazon Trade-In:

  • Kindle e-books;
  • tablets;
  • media players;
  • Bluetooth speakers, including Echo devices;
  • textbooks;
  • telephones;
  • video games.

Visit the program web page Amazon Trade-In and click on the product type to see how much Amazon will give you for your item.

If you continue the exchange, Amazon will pay you an Amazon gift card. In some cases, the money will be paid to you right away. In others, Amazon will give you a gift card after it receives and evaluates your item.

First you need to pack and send your goods to Amazon in order to exchange it, but they do not take money for delivery here.

  1. Best Buy

Ready for your new iPhone? The Best Buy Trade-In program will replace your old smartphone. In fact, Best Buy accepts various types of electronics, including:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • game systems;
  • laptops;
  • Samsung mobile devices
  • Microsoft Surface devices
  • video games
  • smartwatch.

Visit the program web page Best Buy Trade-Into estimate how much your product is worth. Then pass it to the store that takes part in this program and receive a Best Buy gift card.

  1. GameStop

GameStop accepts the following items:

  • video games
  • game systems;
  • telephones;
  • tablets;

In return, you can take cash or store credit. But be careful: the promotions that are indicated on GameStop pageoften change.

  1. Half price books

Half Price Books acquires collectible books, music, and magazines.

The network also buys:

  • books;
  • textbooks;
  • audio books;
  • music, including CD and LP;
  • films;
  • Readers
  • telephones;
  • tablets;
  • video games
  • game systems

You can sell your product in a store, but not at a point of sale. Half Price Books will give you cash.

  1. Patagonia

Patagonia is trying so hard to reduce waste that Worn Wear has set up an outdoor equipment retailer. Here you are offered to shop for neatly used clothes and luggage of Patagonia or exchange for a loan.

You can use credit in stores Patagonia, and

  1. Staples

Through the program Staples Tech Trade-In you get store credit. Acceptable exchange points include:

  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • laptops.

Here you need to visit the Staples store to make an exchange, or do everything online.

  1. Target

With the help of the program Target trade-in You are offered to exchange the following things for a gift card:

  • telephones;
  • tablets;
  • game systems;
  • smartwatch;
  • voice speakers.

To do this, send your product to Target.

  1. Tgw

Golfers, please note: TGW (The Golf Warehouse) takes old clubs.

The TGW online exchange process includes free shipping. Once your items are received, TGW will email you a gift certificate.

  1. Walmart

Gadgets to gift cards This is Walmart’s used electronics exchange program, including:

  • telephones;
  • tablets;
  • game systems;
  • voice speakers.

Visit the webpage first Gadgets to gift cards to find out how much your device costs. Then you can send it. Once the exchange has been approved, Walmart will send you an email with the price of your device on Walmart's electronic gift card.

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