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9 locations in Northern California that every resident of the region should see

If you live in Northern California, then in order to have a great time, it is not necessary to go far from home. Edition Only in Your State Gathered a list of places in this region that are worth visiting if you had a free day.

1. Spectacular section of the California coast in Big Sur

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Explore the rugged coastline, stroll along the stunning cliffs and look at the misty horizon in Big Sur. This place is ideal for playing on the beach, exploring the beautiful sights and enjoying freshly caught seafood.

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2. Visit the volcano in Lassen Volcanoes National Park

Although this volcano is no longer active, you will still find signs of volcanic activity below the surface at hydrothermal points, such as Bumpass Hell. You can even climb Lassen Peak to admire the magnificent view of the surrounding wildlife.

3. Point Reyes - the pearl of California beaches

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Visit the popular Wildcket Beach or admire the Alamere Waterfall. In addition, in Point Reyes, you can see the migrating whales and walk along the paths that pass through green meadows and dense pine forests.

4. The Sequoia Park Zoo is just one of the many attractions in Eureka

In Eureka, one of the most northern cities in California, you can find one of the oldest redwood trees in the state. You can also visit Humboldt Bay to see the seals. And, of course, you will see many amazing animals, such as the red panda, at the local zoo.

5. There is no better place for wine lovers than Sonoma Valley.

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In Sonoma Valley, you can visit wineries, big and small, old and new, with a wide variety of varieties of this grape drink.

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6. Mendocino Coast

Beautiful coasts can be found in every part of California, but Mendocino offers one of the best views.

7. Visit the state capital

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Many Californians have never been to Sacramento. And the city is worth a visit.

8. Visit the world famous Yosemite Park

Yosemite National Park is as beautiful as it is famous. You cannot call yourself a real Californian until you visit him.

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9. Stroll through the red trees

There are countless parks in California where you may feel very small because of the giant mahogany trees that surround you.

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