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9 people, including a sister: who were the victims of the shooter from Ohio. A PHOTO

4 August 24-year-old Connor Betts staged a mass shooting at the entrance to a bar in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine people, including gunman's sister Megan Betts. The shooter himself was killed by police at the crime scene.

"My favorite. I'm proud to be their mother, ”Megan and Connor’s mother signed the photo in 2017. Photo: Facebook Moira Cofer Betts

Police neutralized the killer by shooting him about 30 seconds after he shot and injured people, writes The Sun. The names of all nine victims, including the shooter's sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts, are made public.

Six of the nine victims were African American, but police do not believe the attack was due to racial discrimination - it all happened too quickly for a selective shooting.

At the moment, it is known that the shooter opened fire near the Ned Peppers bar in the Oregon area of ​​Dayton at about one in the morning. The police were already patrolling the area, the bars were starting to close. The officers heard gunshots and almost immediately returned fire at Betts, who was wearing a mask and body armor.

Betts used an 223 caliber rifle; police found a shotgun in his car. He received both weapons legally.

The mayor of the city confirmed that as a result of the shooting, 27 people were injured, 16 of them were taken to the hospital, later all but one were discharged - he is still in critical condition. Some people received multiple gunshot wounds, officials said, while others were hurt while fleeing.

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Who died at the hands of a shooter

One of the first victims was named Lois Oglesby, 27, the mother of a newborn toddler and a preschool girl. Her cousin confessed, “We all grew up in this small town. We are all family and we are going through it hard. She loved her children very much. "

Megan, the shooter's sister, was a student at Wright State University who studied environmental science. The staff described her as a “very positive person” and assured her that she had nothing to do with raising her brother.

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Thomas McNichols, also known as Tej, was a father of four who dropped by a bar after a day of work with his cousin. His aunt called her nephew a “gentle giant”: “Everyone loved him very much. He was like a big child, ”the woman said.

Monica Storey Brickhouse and Beatrice Warren-Curtis were friends who died next to each other.

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Derrick Fudge was with his family when they shot him. His sister said: "He was a good man and loved his family."

Nicholas Kumer was in the city on an internship after graduating from a university in Pennsylvania.

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Logan Turner's mother called him "the best son in the world, sweet and smart."

No motive

Police said Betts did not have a violent criminal record, and the motive for the execution was not determined. Entries from the Kettering Municipal Court showed that he received two penalty tickets in 2013 and 2014.

While studying at Bellbrook High Betts, he compiled a “death list” of classmates' names on the wall of the school toilet and in the diary. Then he was discovered by school officials, said former director Chris Baker.

After such a find, Connor was suspended from his studies, but he was allowed to return after he wrote a letter apologizing to his alleged victims.

Brad Howard, a neighbor who had known Betts for 20 years, called him “a good guy,” adding that the news of the massacre “came as a complete surprise.” In the local bar, Betts was described as a friendly and happy guy. One of the bar's customers said Betts was known as "the nicest child imaginable." The bartender admitted that he did not believe when he heard the name of Betts in the news about the shooting.

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This place is a disaster

Records from CCTV cameras showed the moment when people began to scatter to protect themselves from bullets. Frightened witnesses told how people left the scene when dozens of shots echoed through the streets.

24-year-old Graham Hunter said that he and four of his friends arrived just at the moment the incident ended, and immediately stumbled upon the shooter's body near the entrance to the bar.

“Everyone was panicking and running,” Hunter said. "After the shooter died, everyone just cried."

He said that he saw "bodies everywhere."

Another witness wrote on Facebook: “It all happened right in front of the patio where I was sitting. He tried to enter the bar but was shot. At the picnic table on the street where I was, at least eight people died. A group of people was taken to the hospital. This place is a disaster. "

Fled to survive

Another shooting witness said: “We heard shots in the courtyard and ran into the room. We fled to survive. ”

Eyewitnesses said that while driving past, they saw many police officers and ambulances.

23-year-old Nikita Papillon was across the road at a nearby establishment when she heard gunfire. According to her, before she spoke with a girl near the bar, and now she saw her lying on the ground.

“She told me that she liked my outfit, and I thought that she was cute, we exchanged pleasantries. People of my age do not think something like this will happen. And when this happens, words cannot describe it. ”

28-year-old Tiancia Leonard admitted that at first she thought that someone was hitting a garbage container. After that, it became clear that the shooting was in progress.

“It was very noisy, but then it was already possible to say that these were shots, there were many shots,” the woman says.

The Ned Peppers Bar is described on the site as a “traditional western theme bar.” Police said the Oregon area was a popular and usually very safe area of ​​the city.

Do not pretend it's normal

American singer Lizzo said her family lives in the city where the shooting took place.

She tweeted: “Just talked on the phone with Dayton ... I feel completely helpless. Make a fuss, arouse awareness, vote ... Don't pretend it's normal. ”

On Saturday, 20 people died and dozens were injured in a shoot near the Cielo Vista mall in El Paso, Texas.

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President Donald Trump paid tribute to the victims of the executions in Ohio and El Paso and tweeted: “God bless the people in El Paso, Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio. "

The second mass shooting in 24 hours is likely to cause controversy over US laws on weapons. The vast majority of American citizens are allowed to buy and store firearms without restrictions.

31 staff, including Ohio, allow the "open carrying" of a gun without any license or permission, although in some cases the weapon must be unloaded. In 2018, Ohio moderately tightened arms laws, but the state still lacks a number of basic weapons safety laws.

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