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8 states, counties, and cities that will pay you for your move

Financial incentives attract workers who want to start all over again in sparsely populated parts of the country.

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With the economies of many cities collapsing due to the closure of factories and endangered industries, workers move to big cities.

US government provides financial incentives to the public. Listed below are some interesting places that provide money, resources, or student loan repayment assistance to help you get started.

1. Kansas

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“Make Kansas Countryside Your New Home” is a call for the Rural Opportunity Program.

Proposal: improving the quality of life, helping to repay student loans and lowering the cost of living.

The program includes 77 Kansas counties authorized to offer one or both of the following incentives for new permanent residents:
up to 15 000 dollars in the form of repayment of a student loan for five years;
state income tax is abolished for up to five years.

Candidates for student loan repayment must have a diploma of a bachelor, specialist or master and must settle in the district after 2011 year.

2. St. Clair, MI

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The Come Home Award Foundation is a program that, instead of offering funds to college students at the beginning of their careers, pays money when they come back to lure young graduates to Michigan.

Interested parties are paid up to 15 000 dollars to pay off their student debt. Applicants must get a job or start a business in St. Clair within 120 days of receipt of funds.

The money is available to STEAM graduates (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) who have completed two or four years of education in the last 10 years or have a sufficient degree of training, they have student debt and currently live outside the district .

3. North Platte, Nebraska is a program to attract workers to the North Platte area. It offers local companies up to 5000 dollars in the form of appropriate funds to create a “reliable, attractive employee reward package”.

Money can be used to pay for travel, advance payments, equipment purchases, and student loan payments.

Objective: To attract new highly skilled workers and retain local high school and college graduates.

4. Grant, Indiana

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Grant County Economic Growth Council offers the Grant's Got Talent program to help employers recruit skilled workers in the county. She offers a potential Grant County employee financial assistance to buy a home. At present, the program for 2019 is already closed.

At stake is a county grant of $ 2500, which can grow to $ 7500 if your new employee matches the county. Money is provided by the county in collaboration with employers, and these funds must be used to purchase a home in Grant County.

To qualify, the applicant must:

  • live outside Grant County;
  • find a job in Grant County;
  • Confirm the qualifications required by the employer.

5. Marne, Iowa

In an effort to attract new residents, Marne, Iowa, offers free land (approximately 80 per 120 ft. - for new tenants who will build a house of at least 1200 square ft and complete it within 18 months.

“We are business friendly and are looking for new neighbors and friends,” the city website says, which describes the program.

Marne is located 45 minutes east of Omaha and about an hour from Des Moines.

6. Vermont

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The Vermont 2019 Remote Worker Grant is designed to attract full-time professionals, moreover mostly from home.

When you are received, you can receive up to 10 000 dollars (at 5000 per year for two years) for expenses on office equipment, a workplace, relocation, etc.

Primary requirements:

  • the remote worker must be in a different state;
  • The employee must become a permanent resident of Vermont;
  • remote workers should do most of their work in their home office or workplace in Vermont;
  • there is only one grant per family.

7. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa Remote, an initiative from the George Kaiser Family Foundation, announces:

“Hello, remote workers! We will pay you for your work from Tulsa. You will like it here. ”

Among the incentives of the program: 10 000 dollars to cover transportation costs and a monthly housing allowance.

Among the requirements:

  • You will move to Tulsa within six months;
  • You will work outside Tulsa County or have full-time telework.

Applications for 2019 year have already been accepted. To receive notifications when applications for the 2020 year open, you must register.

8. Hamilton, Ohio

The Hamilton Community Foundation calls the Talent Initiative a “backward scholarship,” because it provides assistance to recent graduates in paying off student loan debt.

College graduates who move to live and work in Hamilton receive 300 dollars per month for 30 months. If you leave the city or finish work within 30 months, your payments will stop.

Among the requirements are the following:

  • Preference is given to graduates of the STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics), you must get a degree in the last seven years;
  • You will move to one of the designated urban areas in the city of Hamilton;
  • You can show that you have a job in Hamilton or Butler County, Ohio;

Preference is given to candidates who demonstrate their willingness to take an active part in Hamilton's public life.

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