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8 Northern California's most bewitching man-made wonders

Northern California abounds in all kinds of beauties, both natural and artificial. Edition Only in Your State gathered the top 8 of the most beautiful places created by man that you definitely need to see.

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They look pretty amazing in photographs, but these miracles created by man must be seen live.

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1. Sundial bridge

Sundial bridge, located in Redding, is one of California's most amazing architectural wonders. The bridge itself reaches 217 feet (66,1 m) high and extends 710 feet (216,4 m) across the Sacramento River. It even forms a gigantic working hours. The bridge was built taking into account the environment. He intentionally has no river grounds to leave room for salmon spawning.

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2. Castello di amorosa

Located in Napa Valley Castello di amorosa is the only authentic Tuscan Xnumx century Italian castle in the country. Castello di Amorosa was officially opened to the public in the 13 year. The impressive castle has an area of ​​2007 136 square feet (000 12 square meters), the castle includes 634 rooms, 107 8 tons of stones, 000 levels and a giant wine cellar. The stunning castle even contains some truly medieval elements, including a drawbridge, dungeon and church.

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3. Bodie ghost town

Bodie is a former mining town that looks frozen in time. Founded in the 1800s, the city has long been abandoned. However, the remains of the buildings have survived to this day. Bodie is considered one of the best-preserved ghost towns in California, giving visitors a glimpse of what life was like during the gold rush. If you want to feel like you've truly traveled in time, then Bodie is the perfect place.

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4. Shasta dam

Shasta dam Is a curved gravity dam located across the Sacramento River and Lake Shasta. The dam is approximately 600 feet (182,8 m) high, making it the ninth tallest dam in the entire country. It also forms the largest body of water in California. Best known for playing an important role during World War II, when it was used to supply electricity to many California factories.

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5. State capitol building

The Capitol Building in California is one of the best in the country. This is a great example of Roman architecture. Every Californian must visit Sacramento to see this incredible building. The architecture is complex and unique. You will feel that you have returned in time to Ancient Rome.

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6. Battery Point Lighthouse

California is home to many lighthouses, but one of the most impressive is Battery Point in Crescent City. First commissioned in 1856, the lighthouse has an impressive history. The structure itself is so charming that you will feel that you were transferred to a picture on a postcard. Some even say that the lighthouse is often visited by ghostbusters. The lighthouse is accessible to visitors only at low tide, when the beach connects to the island and forms a path for visitors.

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7. Donner Summit Railroad Tunnels

The railway tunnels at Donner Pass are one of the most interesting places in California. Located near Truckee, impressive tunnels have been built to allow passage through the steep rocky terrain. Tunnel construction was painful. Many workers died in the construction of these magnificent tunnels due to the dangerous environment. The tunnels were completed in 1867 and still stand to this day, making them ideal for a scenic hike.

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8. Foresthill bridge

The Forest Hill Bridge runs across the North Fork River outside Auburn. At 730 feet (222,5 m) in height, it is considered the tallest bridge in California and the fourth tallest in the United States. Walking across this magnificent bridge is something every Californian must experience. The view from the bridge to the surrounding mountains is something you will never forget.

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