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8 New York restaurants where lunch will be free if you can eat everything

If you love competition and food, then this selection of 8 New York City restaurants from the edition Only in your state You'll like it. In it you will find a list of state institutions that conduct cooking tests.

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  1. The Ugly Rooster, Mechanicville

If you're ready to take on the challenge and join the pancake-eating competition, then Mechanicville is for you. There is The Ugly Rooster, which serves pancakes so huge that they have to be cooked in a special oven. You will have just 20 minutes to eat these 30-centimeter pancakes topped with 0,5 kilograms of fruit and butter with whipped cream.

Prize: free food, a shirt and a place on the Wall of Glory.

  1. Kenka, New York

This Japanese restaurant is a favorite place among New Yorkers who crave cooking. The facility is located in East Village. Here you can prove that no one except you can eat faster than almost two kilograms of rice with curry. Allocated to you only 20 minutes.

Prize: you can eat this dish for free.

  1. Chick-N-Pizza Works, Chiktovaga

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This culinary challenge stands out from the crowd with its rules. To pass this tournament, you will need not only an empty stomach, but also a teammate. Your task is to eat a giant pie weighing about 6 kilograms. Another rule of thumb is that you won't be able to leave the table for a restroom break. You will have only an hour to complete the task. Prize: Both winners of the competition will receive a $ 25 gift card, pizza - free.

  1. Elma Towne Grille, Elma

This challenge is for the most hungry. As part of the Big Elm Burger Challenge, you will be served a 30-pound burger with more than a kilo of french fries. You will have 45 minutes to eat this.

Prize: in addition to the fact that the food will be free, you will also receive a shirt as a gift, and your photo will be placed on the Wall of Glory.

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