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7 Secret Ways to Get More From Amazon

You don’t need to be a member of Amazon Prime to take advantage of these little-known Amazon shopping benefits.

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The retail website offers many opportunities for anyone who wants to get the most out of Amazon. They can be easily overlooked, but these hidden features can save you money, simplify purchases, and even help eliminate clutter.

Here are some little-known tactics for getting more out of Amazon.

1. Get things for free

Who doesn't like free stuff? You can get them on Amazon, regardless of whether you have an Amazon Prime membership.

Free gifts range from e-books to the valuable household goods you can get registering for wedding gifts from companies like All-Clad, Mikasa, and Kenmore.

2. Buy generic brands

It is well known that universal brands can cost significantly less than their branded counterparts, but did you know that Amazon also has its own generics?

They have names like AmazonBasics и Amazon elements, and some products of these brands are among the bestsellers of the site.

3. Subscribe and save

Make purchases using the subscription and save feature from Amazon - Subscribe & Save. You can choose a variety of products - from toothpaste and diapers to dog food.

You choose items and the frequency of deliveries. Amazon will not only automatically send you products at the frequency you choose, but will also send them for free.

Moreover, you will receive additional savings of 5% if you subscribe to one or four products, and 15% if you subscribe to five or more products.

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4. Shop in secret departments

Amazon is already known for its bargain prices on many products, but there is additional cost savings if you know where to look.

Visit page Bargain findsto find inexpensive goods of all kinds. Or click Outletto find items at a discount. You can also visit the section Renewed sectionwhere you can find electronics at a discount.

5. Exchange unnecessary items for gift cards

Minimalists may criticize Amazon for a way to quickly fill your home with unnecessary purchases, but the retail giant can also help you get rid of unnecessary trouble.

Program Amazon Trade-In Allows customers to send unwanted electronics, books, and more to the retailer. In return, they receive Amazon gift cards.

6. Return your purchases through Kohl's or UPS Store

Amazon facilitates the return of goods. You no longer need to look for a box and packing tape to send purchases made on Amazon. Instead, you can simply take the item to your local Kohl's store or UPS for a free return.

You will receive a QR code from Amazon. Then, in the store, an employee will scan the code, take the goods you return, pack it and send it back to Amazon instead of you.

Amazon is also introducing this service at several points in Whole Foods.

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7. Use old boxes for charity

Want to know what to do with empty Amazon boxes that accumulate in your garage? You can recycle them or use them to send unnecessary items to charity.

Amazon collaborates with Give Back Box so that people can donate to charity and also clean their homes.

This works as follows: after you have unpacked your order on Amazon, inspect your home to find items that are in good condition but that you no longer need. Then put them in an Amazon box, go to the website Give Back Boxto get a free badge to send, and send the excess for a good deed.

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