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6 of things that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other successful people do on weekends

Follow their lead to better prepare for the new work week. Benjamin Spall, the author of the online publication My Morning Routine, for five years interviewed the 300 order of the richest and most successful people in the world to collect information about their habits. He summarized his observations and came to the conclusion that most of the held personalities do the following things over the weekend. Writes about this Lifehacker.

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1. Get enough sleep

Both your body and your brain will not work properly unless you give them proper rest. According to statistics, productive people sleep on average seven hours and 29 minutes per day. Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos confirm that this is how much time they devote to sleep per day.

Of course, it is not always possible to sleep that much. Especially if you have a lot of work and you have to stay up late. Therefore, when you notice that you are not getting enough time, use the weekend to catch up.

But this does not mean that you can sleep five or even four hours on weekdays, and spend the whole day in bed on weekends. So you yourself only circadian rhythms (internal biological rhythms of the body) beat.

2. Spend time with loved ones

Are you embarrassed by not spending much time on your loved ones? Working from Monday to Friday often prevents us from fully enjoying the company of those who are dear. So the weekend should be devoted to the family: joint training with your spouse or a trip with the children to the park brings together.

“On weekends, a nanny comes to our place, and my wife Tiff and I go to do sports together on Saturday morning. Then we spend the whole weekend together: we put the children together, we have dinner together. We try to live a normal life. ”- Mark Cuban, American entrepreneur and billionaire.

However, if you still have some work to do on the weekend, try to get it done on Saturday morning. And then thoughts about her will not distract you from the family until the end of the holiday.

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3. Plan for the coming week

Successful people always develop a strategy for the coming week - so they get an advantage in advance and do not waste time on Monday. You can kill half Sunday to create to-do lists, or in just 10 minutes enter the planned events of the week in the calendar. The main thing is that on Monday you should be ready and not think about what you should do.

“On Saturday I break off and go hiking. And I have Sunday for reflection, feedback, strategy development and preparation for next week. ”- Brooke Potter, author of Become More Productive: Revealing the Secrets of Successful People.

4. They do what they enjoy

Planning a work week is, of course, useful, but you also need to rest. Successful people try to relax and gain strength on Saturday and Sunday to begin work with renewed vigor. Many people prefer to have a leisurely breakfast, and then sit on the couch with their favorite book, do meditation or work out.

On Saturdays, Richard Branson, for example, is drawn out at parties. And on Sundays, he is engaged in jumping from rocks, rowing and kayaking.

But Bill Gates has a different opinion and believes that the weekend should be spent as calmly as possible. He plays bridge, a traditional English tactical card game.

“Playing bridge is pretty old-fashioned fun, but I love it. On weekends, I watch my daughter ride a horse. It's also old-fashioned, but interesting. I also wash the dishes every night. Washing dishes annoys other people, but I, on the contrary, like this activity, ”- Bill Gates, American entrepreneur and public figure, billionaire.

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5. Perform household chores

Housework, as Gates noted, is an annoying and boring routine. But you need to deal with it somehow, and part of the weekend should be devoted to buying products, washing and planning your home budget.

The main thing is to prioritize your chores. Something can be done on weekdays, cutting out 15 minutes before going to bed. And at the weekend, take an hour or two to do away with those household chores that take the most time and attention. For example, with weekly cleaning. Having completed the routine tasks, you can breathe freely and relax with a calm conscience.

6. Are thinking

Being alone and thinking for a while is very helpful. This helps in achieving goals. Successful people use the weekend to think about what is important for them, to find solutions to their problems and to understand how to strengthen their skills and increase productivity.

A Harvard study showed that students who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day comprehending the material they completed showed better results than those who did not.

Self-reflection in small doses allows you to become happier and more productive. And it’s definitely worth giving her a little time at least on the weekend. So you can better understand what you already have and where to move on.

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