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6 common mistakes buyers make on Amazon

Amazon is a one-stop online store for bargain prices and fast delivery, and the range is endless. On this site, people stock up on anything from suitcases to packaging accessories. Travel + Leasure.

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There are hidden tricks that are worth using, as well as mistakes that should be avoided. If you know about them, then shopping on Amazon will become even more profitable and more convenient.

Here are 6 common mistakes buyers most often make on Amazon.

1. You choose the wrong time of purchase

The Amazon store is known for great deals ranging from household items to skincare products (and almost everything in between), but you can save more if you make purchases during periods of sale. The site holds massive sales on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday every year, as well as the famous annual Prime Day, but you can also save by frequently viewing the page. Today's deals and tracking other sales.

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2. You do not compare products

Comparison of purchases is a must when shopping online, especially on Amazon. It is worth comparing brands and styles to make the best choice, whether it is buying dishes or a new swimsuit. Amazon Assistant makes it easy to compare prices by offering 30 day price tracking toolto help you find the best time to shop and save on the products you are looking for. By installing Amazon Assistant in your browser, you will have access to several other tools, including product comparisons and shortcuts, which will further simplify your online shopping.

3. You do not read reviews

One of the most useful aspects of shopping on Amazon is customer reviews. In addition to the five-star rating system, customers often leave detailed reviews, highlighting the pros and cons of the product. Buyers can also ask questions and get help. The reviews section most likely contains answers to almost any question that you may have about a particular product.

4. You do not buy Amazon Prime

In addition to free ultra-fast delivery and discounts at Whole Foods, there are many other benefits of a subscription Amazon Primewhich costs 119 dollars a year. If this is not entirely in your budget, you can use Amazon householdto share a subscription that includes digital content, such as Prime Video, with another adult.

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5. You do not use Amazon Warehouse or Outlet

Even if you are an experienced online shopper, you may not be aware of these additional ways to save. Amazon Warehouse offers impressive deals on quality used goods - from computers and tablets to home improvement tools. Amazon outlet offers a wide range of products, such as cosmetics and electronics. Do not forget to go to the pages Fashion Clearance Coupons и Overstock dealsto see the collection of the best discounts for Outlet.

6. You do not subscribe to your favorite products

If you use Amazon to buy everyday goods, you can save up to 15% by choosing the option "Subscribe and save". You can choose to deliver goods from once every 2 weeks to once every 6 months, depending on your preference. And you will not only save money, but you will never have to run out to the store at the last minute, when the necessary goods run out at home.

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