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6 products not worth buying at Trader Joe's

According to the annual Retailer Preference Index survey, for the second year in a row consumers have called Trader Joe's the best food chain in America.

The network has many favorable price offers, as well as unusual products that you will not see on the shelves of any other store, writes NBC.

However, some products on this network are not worth buying, below is a list of them with an explanation of the reasons why Trader Joe's is not the best place to buy them.

Meat and seafood

Prices for these products in the network are much higher than in many other stores.

1 pound of organic chicken is sold at Trader Joe's for $ 6,49. Meanwhile, similar packaging at Walmart will cost $ 4,94, while at Costco it will cost $ 4,99.

If you are watching your diet, it’s best not to buy Trader Joe’s pickled meat, including chicken, beef and pork. Four ounces of Korean-style beef ribs marinated in this network contain 860 mg of sodium, which is 36% of the recommended daily dose of this element.


Trader Joe's rice is quite expensive, and frozen rice has an unreasonably high price. 3 ounces of frozen brown rice are sold online for 2,99 dollars, while ShopRite offers 12 ounces of frozen brown rice for 1,79 dollars.

Buying plain uncooked rice elsewhere will also provide savings. Walmart offers 16 ounces rice packaging for 0,78 dollars, which is cheaper than Trader Joe's.

Frozen Side Dishes

Trader Joe's is known for his delicious frozen dishes and side dishes, but pay attention to the fine print when you go shopping: you may pay more for less weight.

For example, Trader Joe's sells a really good frozen chicken lunch for 5 dollars. In this case, a similar set from Newman's Own will cost $ 7,79.

But the packaging of sweet potato fries in 15 ounces sells for $ 2,29 at Trader Joe's, while Walmart sells 20 ounces of such potatoes from the Great Value brand for $ 2.


Vitamins are expensive in almost any store in the United States, but Trader Joe's prices are higher than in other networks.

For example, Trader Joe's sells 100 capsules of vitamin B for $ 5,99, while Target sells a similar package of the vitamin for $ 4,67 and Walgreens for $ 4,75.

Some foods from cereals and snacks

A TJ's 13,5 ounce box of Honey Nut O's costs $ 2,49, while RiteAid sells 17 ounces of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal for $ 2,50.

The difference in the price of goods in this category may not always be significant, but in most cases, Trader Joe's offers less profitable price options for cereal products than its competitors.

Snacks, such as cookies and muesli bars, are usually also too expensive in this network, so you should refrain from wanting to buy something delicious while you are looking for what you came for.

Organic milk

Half a gallon of organic 2% milk at Trader Joe's sells for $ 3,29. The same pack of milk at Aldi will cost $ 2,69, and at Walmart - $ 3.

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