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5 high-paying professions in the field of beauty and how to get them

Work in the field of beauty - the dream of many girls. Photo:

Work in the field of beauty is the dream of many girls. Photo:

If you want to work in the field of beauty and receive a high salary, doing what you love every day, feel free to turn it into a profession. ForumDaily has found 5 such professions that allow you to have a stable income.

Permanent Makeup Wizard (Permanent makeup artist)

Salary for the year: $ 55 000 - $ 80 000 (data

Permanent makeup master can earn up to $ 1500 dollars per day. Photo: from the archive of Anna Ishutina

Permanent makeup master can earn up to $ 1500 per day. Photo: from the archive of Anna Ishutina

The results of the study, which was conducted by the community of permanent makeup masters (SPCP), say that experts in this field receive from $ 55 000 thousand per year, and the cost of procedures ranges from $ 300 to $ 800. Borders for earnings does not exist.

“The salary of a master depends only on the master himself. You can take only 1 client per day and earn $ 300-500 per procedure, or you can take 5 people and have a daily income of $ 1500. Everyone chooses for himself, "- says Anna Ishutina, the founder of the school TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio .

TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio - The first school in New York, where they conduct training of specialists in permanent makeup and microblading, and the only school in the United States, where teaching is, in addition to English, in Russian.

The initial course lasts 8-9 days and includes day and evening classes. Pupils who work on weekdays may attend school on weekends, but in this case the program will last up to a month. For comparison - American beauty schools offer 5-day intensive, which does not allow to fully absorb the information in such a short time.

To become a master of permanent makeup, it is not necessary to be an artist. It is enough to be able to apply makeup on your own face and have a good taste.

Knowledge of English is also not required to get started. The main quality of a good master is his professionalism.

In the school of Anna Ishutina they teach the basics of medicine, coloring, make-up, “put” a hand. Students have the opportunity to work out the technique on latex and on models. Students are trained in groups of 4 people, and this format allows teachers to pay enough attention to each person. In order for students to master several different techniques of applying makeup, an 2 teacher works with each group.

Coaches TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio they also prepare their students for a license exam, which is a rare practice among American schools.

“Very many students ask me - I finished school, got a license. And where should I look for clients? In this case, I always tell all the possible ways - working with social networks and search engines, creating your own website, word of mouth. All my recommendations are not unfounded. I own a marketing agency in New York and at a professional level I know which options work and which do not work, ”specifies Anna Ishutina.

The initial investment for the development of the profession is quite feasible: if you acquire a machine of a famous brand in the industry of permanent makeup NPM, with which the school Ishutina cooperates, training and tools will cost $ 5800. Training on your typewriter costs $ 3900.

“Our students have a choice: they can buy inexpensive Chinese tools, work with them and pay only for the course, or they can buy NPM equipment from us that is much lower than its usual cost, which they will work with for a long time. In my opinion, if you buy a machine, then a quality one that will last for a long time, ”the school founder shares her thoughts. TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio.

Permanent make-up master is an ideal profession for those who want to work in the field of beauty, to develop creatively and have a good income.

Product Developer (product developer)

Salary for the year: $ 46 - $ 413

The developer comes up with how the product will look and where to sell. Photo:

The developer comes up with how the product will look and where to sell. Photo:

A delicious smell of popular lipstick, eye-catching packing of shadows, exciting colors of a set of blush - just think, someone has invented it all. And this is not about complex formulas, but about those sensations that cosmetics gives. Each beauty brand in the state has product developers who decide which new palette of shadows to release, so that they want to buy it, with which stores to cooperate and on which Internet sites to promote products.

The only routine that experts may encounter is associated with a large abundance of cosmetics, which you have to live and “breathe”.

According to the site Payscale, the average developer salary is $ 80 per year.

Among the desired professional skills - knowledge of the basics of marketing, creativity, stress resistance, communication data. To get a good cosmetic company, you will need a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and 2-3 years of experience as a product developer in the cosmetic field.

CEO salon beauty (hair and beauty salon owner)

Salary for the year: from $ 75 000

Team Inna Tsalkovich in her salon in Manhattan. Inna - in the center. Photo: from the personal archive of Inna Tsalkovich

Inna Tsalkovich's team at her showroom in Manhattan. Inna is in the center. Photo: from the personal archive of Inna Tsalkovich

Your own beauty salon - the children's dream of many girls. In the US, this business can make good money if you are really willing to work. After all, almost every resident of America from 9 to 99 years "brings beauty" at least a couple of times a month.

There is an 3 option to start this business: open a salon from scratch, inventing a unique concept, buy a franchise business, receive a full guide to action from its owners, or purchase a valid salon. Of course, the first option is the most difficult, but also interesting at the same time. It took Inna Tsalkovic more than 20 years to complete the journey from assistant hairdresser to the highest level master and opening her own salon, which in 2015 was named the best in Manhattan.

Inna moved to New York in 1996, along with her husband and small child. She immediately took an educational loan and went to study at the beauty school. The course cost $ 10 000 and included hairdressing, cosmetology and manicure. During training, the girl worked in the salon as an assistant to the master, but very quickly began to go forward along the career ladder. She constantly improved her skills.

“I graduated from the world famous Wella brand school and Bumble and Bumble school, countless trainings and master classes. A self-respecting master cannot do otherwise, because self-education is in the first place in our work. You need to be aware of the latest trends and cosmetic products, fashion trends. Of course, I invested a lot in my training, but I have always had many satisfied clients. Isn't it happiness to make a person beautiful? ”Inna shares.

Having changed all 3 jobs in New York, after 20 years ambassador of the beginning of a career, Inna and her husband opened a salon in Manhattan in a popular district of Soho. The girl's husband was engaged in marketing and advertising, and Inna took up work with clients and practiced as a hairdresser. The girl remembers that since the salon opened, she began to sleep on 2 hours per day, because their business, like a small child, constantly demanded attention and complete immersion.

“Your salon is a big responsibility and work 24/7. I have not had the opportunity to rest or relax. During the day I cut and painted clients, and at night I figured out how to promote the salon, with whom to cooperate, how to get better and better. We worked with a chain clothing store Bloomingdale, with well-known modeling agencies. There were many artists and famous artists among our clients. We constantly held interesting "events". I remember that they even took part in the action and collected material aid for women from Africa. In other words, we were living the full life of New York. My goal was to become salon number 1, and in 2015 we did it, ”recalls Inna Tsalkovich.

Business justified itself and financially. According to the girl, the saloon turnover reached $ 250-300 thousand per year.

“Since I spent a lot of time with clients, the question is“ why is it so expensive? ” set me on edge. Clients constantly asked me why they had to pay $ 2-3 for 200-300 hours of work. I agree, this is a rather large amount, but no one thinks that hairdressers and other salon workers work on commissions, that salons do not pay for their medical insurance, vacations, and so on. Masters constantly spend their hard-earned money on training, “invest” in their knowledge. Moreover, a hairdresser is a physically difficult job and after a working day, my back and legs hurt terribly, ”says Inna.

As the girl clarified, the owner of the salon works with their masters on a commission basis - the specialist receives 30-60% of the revenue he brought. The rest takes the salon. In some cases, the master simply rents a seat in the cabin, but this format is less common. In this case, the director of the salon pays all household expenses, buys cosmetics and is engaged in marketing.

Inna and her husband sold the salon after she had health problems and moved to Florida. Today, Inna practices in one of the Boca Raton salons.

Beauty copywriter or beauty editor (beauty copywriter /beauty editor)

Salary for the year: $ 30 - $ 265

A beauty copywriter can work at home and earn 40 thousands of dollars. Photo:

A beauty copywriter can work at home and earn 30 thousands of dollars. Photo:

If you treat people who, when buying cosmetics, every time admire the name of a color or product, you clearly understand what exactly beauty-copywriters are doing. They create names, invent slogans, descriptions on the package and annotations to the product. The copywriter’s “dust-free” work pays $ 30-70 thousand per year, according to Payscale. In New York, you can find a job with payment of more than $ 100 thousand per year. Beauty editors write articles on beauty and fashion. Salaries start at $ 50 thousand per year.

In order to become a copywriter, you must be fluent in English, be creative, “be your own” in the world of fashion and cosmetics.

Some education is not required, but many colleges and private schools offer a variety of study programs. The clear advantage of the profession is a free schedule.

Personal stylist (personal fashion stylist)

Salary for the year: $ 20 - $ 418

The work of a personal stylist is to engage in constant shopping. Photo:

The work of a personal stylist is to engage in constant shopping. Photo:

Many people do not understand the combination of colors, clothing and accessories, but they really want to dress beautifully. Among them - as the present and future artists, famous athletes and politicians, and representatives of other professions. In this case, personal stylists come to the rescue of them, who go shopping with them, pick up clothes, create images for every day and at the exit, and consult about a suitable hairstyle and make-up.

Site Payscale claims that wages in this area start at $ 20 thousand per year and can go up to $ 177 thousand per year.

To get a stylist's work, you must have an exceptional taste, understand the types of figures and people, be aware of the latest fashion trends, be able to look for rare things and combine them.

Special education is not required in order to work as a stylist, but a certificate of completion of courses, work experience in clothing stores and portfolios will only be a plus.

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