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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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5 Things You Shouldn't Buy at Walmart

For Walmart discount catchers, it’s usually easy. Because of the convenience and competitive prices, the giant retailer first comes to mind when buying any item. But do not be so gullible to advertising.

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The SF Gate portal compared the prices and determined the 5 positions that should be bought at the hypermarket and the 5 positions, which should be forgotten forever.

5 products not worth buying at Walmart

  1. Organic healthy food

Walmart is renowned for its low grocery prices, but when it comes to organic food, prices are not affordable. Products such as milk, yoghurt, snacks, baby food, and more can be found at the best price at Target Supermarkets.

2. Clothes and shoes



Unfortunately, the clothes and shoes at Walmart are made of too cheap materials and without any taste and fashion.

3. TVs and laptops



Black Friday is the only day Walmart offers crazy prices for laptops and TVs. For the remaining 11 months, shoppers are better off looking for an offer on eBay, Best Buy, or Amazon.

4. Diapers from Walmart

Although they are cheap, the quality is really sad. The best option for quality and price can be found on Amazon.

5. DVD



Despite the $ 5 discount, Walmart is still not the best place to shop at a bargain price. Amazon (which gives discounts to people who pre-order) and Target have much better prices.

5 products worth buying at Walmart

  1. Foodstuffs


Walmart offers inexpensive food prices, such as cereals, chips, crackers, etc. Additional coupons can be found on the website.

2. Travel goods



Ozark Trail supplies at Walmart are good quality and well priced. The same goes for inexpensive fitness equipment. Walmart offers inexpensive weightlifting equipment: benches and kettlebell sets.

3. Auto Accessories



In addition to offering an inexpensive oil change, Walmart often offers discounts on motor oil, etc.

4. Xaccessories



Walmart has an impressive department of art supplies, much better than Target. Buyers can find everything for knitting, weaving from beads, and not only.

5. Lego



Walmart often makes discounts on LEGO kits, usually in the range from 20% to 30%. Some discounts (for expensive LEGO sets) even go up to 50%.

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